Shlohmo's Dark Red Live Experience at The Fonda

May 11, 2015 -

Jacob Piotrowski

Last Thursday, Daily Beat had the pleasure of witnessing Shlohmo perform his new Dark Red EP at The Fonda alongside the WEDIDIT crew. We couldn’t wait to see what surprises he had awaiting us. His new live performance would consist of not only Shlohmo but also a drummer and keyboard player to mix it up. Featuring WEDIDIT members Nick Melons, Purple, and Bones from the Hollow Squad; the night was guaranteed to be one to remember.


Nick Melons opened up the night throwing down a set filled with dark beats. The room was slowly filled with smoke from incense that he brought on stage with him. The stage production was very minimal, consisting of only a few lights and the signature WEDIDIT tombstone blown up as the backdrop. Nick skillfully mixed in and out of grimy, experimental beats and chill trap to set the perfect vibe for the rest of the night.


Purple then took the stage with a live performance consisting of his signature trippy vocals and weird synths. As he continued with his set, the crowd slowly filled up the venue with everybody waiting to see how the night was going to turn out. The crowd sang along to his dark pop sounds as Purple closed off his set to a floor and balcony packed with fans.

DSC_0173 copy

Up next was none other than Bones and the entire Hollow Squad, who came with nothing on their minds but the goal of flipping this club upside down. They took the stage by storm, dropping banging trap beats that suffocated the room with bass. By the middle of their first song, the entire floor turned into a mosh pit and the squad was egging them on at every turn. Performing heavy tracks like Tortuga, the Hollow Squad wrecked havoc during every part of their performance. With everyone on stage jumping and Bones crowd surfing, Hollow Squad really came through with a show that made the whole building go wild.


After the Hollow Squad turn up was over, the curtains shut and everybody waited with anticipation to see Shlohmo’s brand new live set. The entire crowd stood in awe as the curtains unveiled a stage filled with visuals that lit up like a castle. With shimmering lights and a smokey background, Shlohmo began performing his Dark Red EP. This new live show was nothing like Shlohmo’s older solo shows, which really highlighted his development as an artist over the years. Shlohmo and his band put on a great performance, playing fresh hip hop beats infused with unique synths and live drums that added a personal touch. This was not just a set of beats that Shlohmo is widely known for, but rather a genuine performance that perfectly blended acoustic elements with a wide array of electronic sounds. What really surprised me was how well the performers interacted with one another, creating a vibe that can not be replicated by your average DJ set. Shlohmo once again, did something completely different and the crowd loved every minute of it.


Overall, the night was filled with a combination of dark sounds and pure energy that made for a captivating experience. I had no idea what to expect from Shlohmo’s new performance with his band at first, but I was left very impressed with the level of production that he was able to put together. This kind of development is only seen among the most talented artists and I cannot wait to see what direction Shlohmo will take us in next. If you are in the London, be sure to catch his next performance at Oval Space. You will not regret it.

- Jacob P.

Photographer: Nikki Durso


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