Shambhala Means Home

April 9, 2019 -

Damask Schantz

Ask someone what Shambhala means to them, and you will get a variety of answers. Some say that it means freedom to be yourself and party your butt off. For others, Shambhala is just another word for home.

Much like your own family, Shambhala Music Festival strives to keep attendees safe and healthy. From onsite drug testing and sharing information to high-quality food, no alcohol, med tents and chill out areas they have thought of it all.

Nothing makes a person feel safer than a massive display of all the drugs that have been tested at the festival so far and the lack of fentanyl within them. Big claps to Shambhala for removing the stigma of testing your drugs and sharing the information so that everyone can be safer.

Mixing alcohol with other drugs is a hazard and the cause of many deaths over the years at music festivals. By banning alcohol, Shambhala once again proves that a safe party is the best party. The vibe is also generally less sloppy and more clear concerning consent and general well being among attendees.

Dancing for hours at a time will make anyone hungry, and no matter what your diet of choice is, Shambhala has got you covered. And if you leave without eating the poutine…you’ve made a colossal mistake. Finally, if you are feeling overwhelmed from the heat, a substance, or lack of sleep, head to the chill out area where you can nap in clean beds, receive water and a snack and feel better quickly.

Canadians are cute af people. They are funny, sweet, and the dad jokes are next level. They have a strong emphasis on politeness which makes partying with them all the more comfortable. It’s a common occurrence to be asked how you are feeling and gifted something special at Shambhala. If you’re having a tough bathroom moment, don’t worry because previous Sham fam did you a solid! There are special messages written in far corners of the porta-potty doors that will give you just the inspiration you need to carry on.

The Shambhala grounds are surrounded by forest with the most fantastic river flowing through the festival. Unrivaled natural beauty with incredible music pulsating through the fractal forest is an excellent jaw-dropping experience. Enjoy a sunrise sermon at the pagoda to help you remember what the point of all this living is which is to connect with your friends, with yourself and the earth a little deeper. Expect to have blissful moments that set your soul up to receive love and light for the rest of the year. Home is where the heart is, and Shambhala has mine.

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