Seven Days in Dada Land - Episode 1 [WATCH]

May 2, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

A couple of months ago we announced that there would be a documentary coming out called “Seven Days in Dada Land that would follow the week long adventure of the lucky Dada Life Facebook contest winner, Nolan. It looks like this will be a seven episode long web series and episode 1 was released last night. This kid won a contest on Facebook last year and was granted 7 days to go bananas with the duo on their North American tour. The cities in which he got to tag along included Toronto, Ottawa, Portland, Hartford, State Collage, Boston, and Atlantic City. You can tell Nolan is SUPER excited and nervous to meet Olle and Stefan, and who wouldn’t be?

These guys are legendary, known for throwing the most insane parties filled with bananas, champagne, and kick ass music. We expected him to be greeted in a shower of alcohol and craziness. However, he didn’t quite get the warmest welcome from the group. Video camera in hand, Nolan records every second of his arrival onto the Dada tour bus, but no one seems as enthused as he is. Pumped up and trying to make conversation, the guys introduce themselves then go right back to their teeth-brushing, laptop business. Can somebody say “Awkward?” Olle points out the banana suit that will be Nolan’s armor for the remainder of the week. For the rest of the 10-minute long video, Nolan documents on and off the stage, and we can see just how nuts things can get on just one night at their show. He chats with the fans waiting in line before heading back to the dressing room for Bananas and salt. Well, that’s a new combo for them! The Toronto crowd is flooded with fans dressed as bananas trying to make their way on stage, as well as inflatable champagne bottles. Stay tuned because the next episode of “Seven Days in Dada Land” should air next week where we find out just why you need a banana suit on this epic tour!

~XOXO abRAVEgirls


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