February 18, 2015 -

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Allow me to tell you a story won’t you?  The time was 6:50 pm on April 13th 2014 and Flosstradmuas just got done lying down an absolutely face melting set.  I was definitely worn out from the three straight days that is the wonder and beauty of Coachella, and without an act I wanted to see until Lana Del Rey at 8:15 I began to wander around the festival grounds with no particular direction as to where I would end up.  After a bit of walking I found my feet guiding me slowly towards the Do Lab stage, and after spending a good amount of time there the previous two days I was not one to argue.  As I got closer to the stage and sound of the Yuma tent began to dull and sounds from the Do Lab stage began to materialize in my ears growing louder with every step forward…this was my first taste of Slow Magic.  As I approached the Stage I was greeted by a masked figure towering over a drum and an endless number of triggers.  At first I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if what I was seeing was real, or a side effect of Coachella good vibes I ate earlier that afternoon, but soon the cosmic electronic voyage had me completely entranced.  The mixture of drums, elastic organ, jazz piano, and the sound of watery dubs truly make you feel as if primitive and future music fused right in front of you leaving you confused but grasping for more.

Last year Slow Magic released his full length debut album “How to Run Away” on Downtown Records which garnered much praise and multiple remixes from various artists such as Odesza, and MOORS.   Going into 2015 Slow Magic is riding that wave of momentum by appearing on multiple festival lineups and having his songs become regulars on the Chill and BPM stations on Sirius satellite radio.  And although you can feel the joyous emotion, and raw power of Slow Magic’s music (which seems as if it has been conjured from the depths of another dimension) on soundcloud or Sirius, it truly is another experience to witness this artist live.   Luckily for us Slow Magic will be taking this amazing show on the road, and will be stopping by the Constellation Room in Santa Ana on February 28th.  This is going to be a night of great vibes, and waves of emotion all hand selected by our favorite imaginary friend Slow Magic.

You can purchase your tickets here.

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