Sander van Doorn Talks About Going Back To His Roots In Exclusive EDC Orlando Interview

November 13, 2014 -

Daily Beat Staff

Sander van Doorn sat down with the Daily Beat crew late Friday evening to chat about a new things happening throughout his successful career. He let us in on the story behind his change-up in sound, thoughts on the DJ Mag 100, how the Doorn Records submission system works and what his future plans are. Read the conversation below to find out more!


Ariel DB:So what are your plans going into your set tonight?

Sander van Doorn: I never actually prepare my set but I've made like 6 intros so I've got a lot of choices for tonight. I did produce a few new tracks though, so I'm going to play a couple of those. There will be a lot of tracks under Doorn Records, so definitely a bunch of new stuff.

Ariel DB: Is this your first time playing at EDC Orlando?

Sander van Doorn: Yes, it is! I'm really excited to get out there tonight.

Ariel DB: How does the submission system for Doorn Records work and what kind of role to you play in that?

Sander van Doorn: Well, you know, it's a sub-label of Spinnin' Records, so we've got a great team working for Spinnin' Records that are also specifically focused on Doorn Records. They filter out a majority of the tracks, they send them to me, and whenever I like a track I take over the whole A&R side of things. If it's finished, it's finished, but whenever something needs to be done I get in close contact with the artist myself and make it a finished product. So for submission you would send it to Spinnin' Records, send it to promo and to Doorn Records, and then it comes to the same main place.

Ariel DB: So I notice that you're trending back towards techno-style music, can you explain your thought process in the transition to that?

Sander van Doorn: I've always liked to be in the middle so I've produced a few new tracks that are more techy. The one with Oliver Heldens, "THIS" is kind of like housy/techy and deep-house, really all mixed up. But then again "Gold Skies" is more melodic so, I like to be in the middle. "Get Enough" is a proper techno track and  I've got another new track that also a little bit more techy but besides that there's another track coming that more melodic. I just like to stay kind of in the middle and techno is something that's always been in my roots so I love to do tracks like that.

Ariel DB: How do you feel about other artists reverting back to that simplistic club sound?

Sander van Doorn: The thing is that I think the sounds in the last year and a half kind of stayed the same and a lot of people going to the clubs and the festivals, they're expecting something new. Sometimes doing something new is actually going back to your old roots and refreshing that a little bit with the newer sounds. You see a lot of EDM artists going more towards different kinds of adventures and think that's a good thing because it keeps the music fresh and a lot more diverse.

Ariel DB: What's your take on the DJ Mag top 100?

Sander van Doorn: It's a great list for starting artists and it's a great platform to be seen. For me, I'm in the list now for 9 years and it doesn't matter what position I'm in. It's always great to be in there and being on the list for 9 years is a big honor obviously, but for the young and starting artists it's a very important list because everyone's watching. It's only a big thing for about a week.

Ariel DB: Do you have anything that you want to say to your fans?

Sander van Doorn: Next week I'm starting my Canadian Bus Tour together with Firebeatz and Julian Jordan. It's going to be about 10 shows and if that's going to be successful, which I know we're going to do an even bigger bus tour across the U.S. Besides that I'm working on a lot of new tracks and collaborations. 2015 is going to be a very big production-filled year for me so it'll be an awesome with a lot of festivals and Ibiza is even locked down now so it's going to be really cool.


Photo Credit: Marinade Photography

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