Rezz and Malaa Announce North American Lunatic Tour

September 1, 2016 -

Dominika Wilczek

If you haven’t already been overwhelmed by the immense influx of music news this year, you’re about to be blown away. Brace yourselves, because Rezz and Malaa just announced the “Lunatic Tour” together. These two legends will embark on their journey in NorCal, and will commence their time together in New York. If you haven’t heard of Malaa or Rezz, do not sleep on their content. If you like house music that resembles the styles of Tchami or Mercer, you will definitely enjoy Malaa. If you dabble in Gesaffelstein and you are from outer space, Rezz is a match made in heaven for you. Do not miss out on this chance to see both of these artists perform, because this opportunity might never arise again.

This past HARD Summer, I had the privilege of seeing Rezz and Malaa perform, one right before the other. I was awestruck by both performances. Even though I had seen Rezz perform before, when she opened for Jauz in Eugene, Oregon, her set at HARD was astonishing. I didn’t think she could beat her performance in Eugene, but boy did she outdo herself. She played all of her typical gems, one of my personal favorites being Edge, as she intertwined rare, unreleased tracks flawlessly into the mix. Rezz managed to throw down a wild set while also simultaneously turning the crowd into a bunch of aliens in broad daylight.

Malaa’s set satisfied my house music craving by performing his Illicit EP and any other house song that might make you want to want to go to a club and then rob a bank afterwards. His set was everything I had hoped for, and more. I had high expectations for Malaa; I hadn’t seen him perform before, and I religiously listened to all of his music. His set exceeded every single expectation I had set for him.

Seeing both of these artists perform consecutively pumped so much adrenaline into my body, that I felt as if I had drunk three cups of cold brew coffee. I sadly thought, “I might never experience this again.” Luckily, I have been proven wrong.

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Written By: Dominika Wilczek

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