Martin Garrix – Animals (Original Mix)

May 6, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

Good morning my fellow Dailybeaters! Now I'm not sure where abouts you all are in the world but here in the UK the temperature is up, there isn't a cloud in the sky, and the sun is at full strength. What more you ask for from a Monday morning I hear you saying? Well I'm afraid there is one more thing that may have slipped past you. Yesterday Spinnin Records released a teaser video of a track going by the name of 'Animals', but they failed to release the names of the artists who created the track. The track itself is possibly one of the biggest releases we've had this year! We're talking  supersize-me big here for all you Americans. The track starts off with an insane melodic build-up instantly hooking you in, moving to a festival erupting drop with a funky tribal flavor! This track screams to be one of the biggest summer anthems, so expect to hear it everwhere! We all know the usual system of promotion that DJs use these days. Once they finish a track, they play it in the sets as an ID, then once it gets signed, they release a teaser through their record label. It seems like the reverse is happening here, as Spinnin’ Records released the teaser with absolutely zero information about the artists. After much confusion as to who were the producers behind this track it has been suggested that the track is in fact by Martin Garrix, featuring Sidney Samson, which is also wrong! Martin tweeted us informing that it was indeed his work but stated that it was not a collab with Samson. This leaves us wandering if the track is in fact a collab at all but the general feel is that it is. Blogs all over the web have a range of producers who they have stated to be behind the production. The truth of it is that NO ONE ACTUALLY KNOWS. Stay tuned to see if anyone is announced for being beside Garrix in this track of magic!


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