PREMIERE: KIIRA's "Porcelain" Highlights More Than A Choice Track

June 26, 2020 -

Justin Angle

Sharing a realistic and powerful story, KIIRA shares the struggle of relationships entering a deeper, more meaningful phase. "Porcelain" - styling a bit a slower, more sad side from the artist - paints a picture of a one partner rightfully and organically trying to get to know the other partner who is into them. With that, the persistent partner find the more she makes a conscience effort to tackle the subject, it threatens the overall goodwill of the realtionship as whole.

KIIRA's no stranger to getting meaningful and personal with her lyrics - as well as those she collaborates with as well. She's recently worked with Justin Trugman and Naomi Wild, her music released under this solo alias showcasing the clear quality level she capable of accomplishing.

With a bit of dance, electronic, pop, and indie all being on the table in terms of what you can expect the KIIRA name to share from time to time, bringing the right blend running on a fluid continuum seems to be no issue for the soloist. Her singles being many and her plays being in the millions.

From a visual stand point, the young, personable brand is connective and intriguing, being yet another layer to what attracts listeners to her in particular.

KIIRA also represents how much can be done as a young female solo artists, crowning many achievements on here own and showing how technology can be controlled as a positive to make a blossoming music career, again and again.

20 year old KIIRA got her start in songwriting and vocal working before gaining experience in other areas and connecting it all together for the future, including this project.

With Justin Trugman helping her gain footing in the her music skills and career early on, she soon started releasing on her own with "Last Time" being the first of which to drop.

Odesza's collaborator Naomi Wild caught wind of the project and worked on a track with KIIRA, "Last Time" being the results of the effort.

With a young modern sound and plenty of personality and sound to go around, KIIRA offer much that others don't in a world of continuously busy dance music releases.

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