Porter Robinson Outdoes Himself With His Worlds Tour

September 29, 2014 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

If there is any single person that stands out in the world of electronic music today, it is definitely Porter Robinson. Although he has undergone major changes in the style of his music and look, he continues to bring out beautiful sounding pieces that hit close to home every time. Whether your first time hearing his music was when Language was released in 2012, or when Sea Of Voices created a huge wave of excitement for his new album, you definitely felt that it was a brilliant and iconic sound. After watching him for the first time at Nocturnal Wonderland last year, I could not wait until the next time I was going to see Porter live. Almost a whole year passed as I witnessed his change in character and style, and when I saw the announcement for the Worlds tour shortly after the album was released, I knew that I absolutely HAD to attend. Not just as a fan of Porter, but as a fan of music.

We arrived early to see a rather long line outside the Fox Theater, with a lot of excited attendees anxious to see what was in store for them at the show. Once we got in, we had the treat of seeing Bay Area producer Giraffage open with a very nice deep house/chill trap set. The songs he chose all had a similar old-school video game sound to them, creating a feel of nostalgia that just brought up the whole mood overall. The nostalgia reached a peak when he dropped the ever so classic Sandstorm by Darude. We thought that it was a troll at first, but he played it from top to bottom with no sort of interruption. It was pretty awesome, since I never thought I would hear Sandstorm at a live event, seeing as it's pretty much the source of many internet jokes about techno and EDM. After Giraffage was another unique group of musicians who went by Lemaitre. They are an electronic band from Norway, who likes to play funky nu-disco music. They had a drummer, guitar player, and lead vocalist who also played the synths. I honestly had never heard of them before I watched them live, but it was so great to see live music being played at an electronic show. Great vibes, and great talent from every member. Oh and just for your information, it's pronounced luh-MEH-truh.

PORTER no watermark_-8

After the second act finished, the crowd was chanting for Porter as the 10 minute intermission was slowly ticking by. It was the moment we were all waiting for, the man we all came to see, and the crowd just ever so ready for the magic they were about to experience. Once Porter makes his way onto the stage, everyone screams with excitement, and the show begins. He opened with Sad Machine, which instantly put everyone on a feel trip with all of the amazing visuals. The song itself already tells a story, so pair that up with original art and characters displayed on a huge LED screen and Porter singing live, and you have one amazing experience. My favorite part of the whole show (other than when he dropped Language as an encore) was when he played Goodbye To A World. The screen showed an old RPG style dialogue with two anime characters, similar to a Final Fantasy game, and the conversation was the lyrics from the song. I don't think I've ever seen a crowd so focused on the screen and listening that closely to the music at that point.

PORTER no watermark_-20

When I asked other friends who have seen the show what they felt like while watching, they said that they melted from how beautiful the whole experience was. I could not have agreed with them more. If you have the opportunity to catch the Worlds tour, it is an absolute must see. You will not regret it, and leave with your soul happy.


Photos by Jay Wade Photography

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