Pharrell's GIRL Expected to Drop in March

February 25, 2014 -

Christopher Lavinio

Pharrell’s GIRL, just his second solo album, is set to drop on March 2. The project is set to be a huge sensation just like his almost too catchy single, “Happy”. Pharrell has always had a different perspective towards music. For him it’s more art than a job, which is why he’s so successful. His successes date back to his days as a producer and then as part of N.E.R.D.—and they have continued.

Many don’t know that his career really started taking off when he started producing with Chad Hugo, under the name The Neptunes. They really broke into the world wide scene in 2001, when they produced two major hits. Britney Spears’ “I’m A Slave 4 U” and Nelly’s “Hot in Here” helped the Neptunes earn “Producers of the Year” from the Billboard Music Awards and the Source Awards. In 2004 they worked on Justin Timberlake’s album Justified and snagged two Grammys for “Producer of the Year, Non-Classical” and “Best Pop Vocal Album”. They are also given credit for re-launching Snoop Dogg’s career with “Drop It Like It’s Hot”.

No one Ever Really Dies, also known as N.E.R.D. featured Pharrell, his Neptunes partner Chad Hugo, and Shay Haley. The band released four studio albums and all of them were met with success. Their debut album In Search Of… reached #56 on the Billboard Top 100 and featured the singles “Lapdance” Featuring Lee Harvey and Vita, “Rockstar,” and “Provider.” The next album Fly or Die debuted at #6 on the Billboard charts and the singles “She Wants to Movie” and “Maybe” both were in the regular rotation in clubs and radio stations around the world. Both of the following albums Seeing Sounds and Nothing also had huge successes in the charts and in the clubs.

Pharrell’s GIRLS album is his first since In My Mind, which reached #3 on the Billboard Charts, and was nominated for the “Best Rap Album” at the Grammys. Although, most of Pharrell’s recent success has come from his collaborations with other artists such as Ludacris, Daft Punk, Jay-Z, and Robin Thicke.

Pharrell has a fantastic network of musical artists that he has worked with. In fact in 2007, Pharrell hosted a celebrity poker tournament where almost 300 guests showed up, including Jay-Z, Will Smith, Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Jermaine Dupri, and Queen Latifah. The proceeds went to the Boys & Girls Club of Miami and the Pharrell founded From One Hand to Another, which helps low income families. Since then, there hasn’t been any more Pharrell related-poker news, which leaves three options: He either lost bad; keeps his gambling life private; or ventures to online sites to work on his skills. Betfair's poker site would be a solid place to start for Skateboard P, partially because they offer lower-stakes bets but mostly because of the beginners tips that are available to to help him out.

There’s no doubt that Pharrell is the reigning ruler of pop. "Happy" is the uber catchy single that has everyone feeling happy. Pharrell also used the single to create the first ever 24 hour music video on Youtube, where it’s broken up by hour. Parrell is going to be on top until he decides he wants a break, and by judging by everything he’s done in the past 15 years that’s not happening anytime soon.


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