PAUL2000 Releases Energetic Hip-Hop Anthem 'Super Dope'

November 12, 2022 -

Justin Angle

Since he started freestyling in his adolescence, PAUL2000 has been on a journey of self-discovery through music. Based out of Chicago, this rapper was fascinated with making beats in his teenage years. After a near-death experience, PAUL2000's whole perspective on life and his purpose changed. He knew he was destined to find his true identity as an artist and empower others through his music.

Growing up, Eminem was Paul's biggest inspiration. The young lyricist would search across a myriad of beats on YouTube and write vocals based on each one. Six months down the line, Paul has worked on over a hundred songs and was ready to hook up with a talented producer in Chicago. This brings us to PAUL2000's debut single "Super Dope".

Sharing the road to creating this track, Paul says, "after finally reaching a point where I started to slowly get better, I rediscovered my passion for hip hop and making music. The hook starts off with“Ya you know I gotta go and hit the road, no more time to waste cos time ain’t moving slow”. With losing so many years of my life I feel like I need to push as hard as I can to reach my goals in a short amount of time.”

"Super Dope" is a rap hit that features genius lyricism and groundbreaking vocals from Paul. It delivers a vibey bassline and a groovy aura that is perfect for bumping on a long car ride with the windows down. The uplifting rhymes and infectious beat in "Super Dope" show Paul's resilience and determination to overcome life's obstacles by channeling his passion for music.

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