Paris & Simo vs Merk & Kremont - Tundra

April 16, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

Can I just say that all you Daily Beaters are on top form right now. You are sending us in some HUGE bangers at the moment and our Daily Beat email is loaded to the max, so thank you to all those who are writing in. I went and had a browse through some emails just now to see if there was anything interesting there and there was one beauty that caught my eye. It seems that many songs are linking back to Ultra and that is definately not a bad thing. I watched the stream of as many sets as I could and this song stood out for me in Fedde Le Grand's set as a track that is really going to take off.

Right for this track we look towards Europe to the country of the boot: Italy! Merk & Kremont are two young progressive house music DJs, remixers and producers based around Milan. The two progressive house artists produced several successful bootlegs and remixes and are now working on other big projects with superstars of the industry. The main reason for us spotlighting them, is their new massive track Tundra, that they did together with the Canadian producers Paris & Simo. Since Fedde Le Grand first played their their track at Ultra, the duo have released their first single Underground on the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool EP1, and their productions and the recognition within EDM scene have been growing enormously. It won’t be long until Merk & Kremont will reveal their next magic production and will become one of the really big names in Electronic Dance Music. Big shout out to Christian Szakacs of Kronos Records for sending this in, and keep your emails coming in. As you can see from my last two posts, we love to keep you Daily Beaters happy!

Keep an eye on this duo people. Merk & Kremont are about to get REAL BIG, real quick!

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