Ookay Claims the Ugliest Creature as his Spirit Animal

October 16, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

It was Ookay's first time playing or even attending TomorrowWorld and after he threw down one trap-a-licious set at the "It's a Trap" stage on day 1, I got the chance to chit chat about his favorite totem, his parents take on his career choice, and what he chose for his spirit animal.


Daily Beat: So first of all, how was it out there?

Ookay: Incredible. They were really feeding off of the energy and all the tracks. It was a good time; everyone was having a great time. I could see their smiling faces, which is always great. Everyone was happy to be there, rep’ing their cities and town with their flags in the air.

Daily Beat: What was your favorite totem out there?

Ookay: Oh man, there was the Dos Equis guy. Yeah, the most interesting man in the world. I was like, ‘Yes! That’s the one.'

Daily Beat: What do you like best about TomorrowWorld? This is your first time playing here right?

Ookay: Yeah, it’s my first time playing, well even being here, and it was an awesome experience. I didn’t really know what to expect other than what I had seen in videos and what I had read about.

Daily Beat: Amazing right?

Ookay: Ya, it exceeded my expectations by far and I’m glad to be here. And being able to play in front of all my fans, and new fans, and people who hate me. I don’t know.

Daily Beat: (laughs) Oh no. They all love you.

Ookay: Who knows? You never know who’s out there.

Daily Beat: Your remix for The Chainsmokers Kanye just came out…

Ookay: Yeah, today actually!

Daily Beat: I think I saw the post like 5 hours ago.

Ookay: Yeah, as soon as I landed, like 2pm I think.

Daily Beat: How is it doing?

Ookay: I haven’t checked. I’ve been so set on getting ready, getting here, and having a good time. I’ll just celebrate the fact that it released and check all that tomorrow. Ya, know, when I’m hungover.

Daily Beat: What’s your relationship like with The Chainsmokers?

Ookay: You know what, I’ve still never met them. But I’m pretty sure I will soon. I always hear good things about them.

Daily Beat: Yeah, they are definitely some cool guys.

Ookay: That’s why I was so excited to do their remix. Because, I mean, I already saw a potential friendship there and they seem like good guys. I’d be surprised if they weren’t. I’m so proud of their success. It’s good to see good artists doing well.

Daily Beat: If you were sitting across from 16-year-old you, what advice would you give?

Ookay: Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t waster your time in college, because I think that was my biggest regret. I went in to debt for something I don’t even do, at all. So, that’s always fun. Hmm I don’t know.

Daily Beat: Well, how old are you now?

Ookay: I’m 22. So that wasn’t that long ago. I would just tell him that he’s going to be really happy when he grows up.

Daily Beat: That’s so sweet.

Ookay: Yea, I’m very happy to be here.

Daily Beat: Who isn’t? This is one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to.

Ookay: Yeah, it’s definitely up there. Top 3 for sure. Absolutely.

Daily Beat: What’s your favorite festival?

Ookay: Oh god, that’s like choosing a favorite kid.

Daily Beat: You have kids?

Ookay: No, I just think it would be the equivalent of trying to choose a favorite kid. Because it’s always a different experience, different memories. They're all great. As far as production this one is really great. I really liked EDC .

Daily Beat: Vegas?

Ookay: Ya, Vegas. I’ll be at EDC Orlando coming up too so that should be fun.

Daily Beat: Oh ya? We’re going to be there too!

Ookay: Cool! We’ll probably run into each other. But ya, all festivals are great. Ezoo was great. North Coast was great. Shambala was amazing. The list goes on and on. They’re all awesome.


Daily Beat:: What would you do differently if you started your career this year, in 2014?

Ookay: I would have taken the mask off sooner. Hmm, what would I have done different. That’s a really good question. You really nailed me on that one. Well my mentality when I first started making music at all was make music that I would want to hear live, or really loud. I went in thinking ‘I want to be the artist that I would be a fan of personally.’ Ya know? If I were just some random kid. I want to be my #1 fan.

Daily Beat: Are you?

Ookay: I think so. I like myself (laughs)

Daily Beat: What do your parent think about your career choice?

Ookay: Well when I first started and they figured out that I was quitting school to do this full time they were a little skeptical, they were a little nervous.

Daily Beat: I think parents always are.

Ookay: Yeah, I figured parents would be.

Daily Beat: ‘Look at me now, Ma!’

Ookay: They’re happy and I do it for them. I help them out with their house, bills, and I give back as much as possible. I take them on nice vacations, you know. I treat them well and they’re happy for me. They see that I’m doing what I love to do.

Daily Beat: And that’s always the best. When they can see you truly happy doing that you love.

Ookay: They just wish I would stop saying ‘turn the fuck up.’ (laughs) They don’t like it when I cuss.

Daily Beat: Who was your biggest inspiration when you started and who is it now?

Ookay: Big inspiration when I started was Diplo, just because I loved his branding and art direction... What the hell is that?!

*pause break when a giant spider came crawling up to us*

Ookay: So, yeah Diplo. I just like the fact that he can do anything all at once as far as music and style.

Daily Beat: Do you think he is still your biggest inspiration?

Ookay: Yeah. I definitely look at him as a reference of how to carry yourself as an artist. I mean, there are a lot of people, like Yellow Claw was killin’ it out there, my brother Borgore. He’s one of the nicest guys ever. Um, I love RL Grime. He’s killin’ it right now.

Daily Beat: Do you like him better as RL Grime or as Clockwork?

Ookay: I don’t know. I like both of them. I mean, I definitely hear more RL Grime popping up. They’re both amazing because they’re the same fuckin’ person. (laughs)

Daily Beat: Ya, I know. Just different styles!

Ookay: It’s the same thing with me. I have my other project, Coaster. Yeah it’s like… it’s hard to explain. I want to say it’s kind of Flume-y. In that kind of realm.

Daily Beat: Well I like that!

Ookay: That’s my getaway from all the trap and the drop-heavy stuff. It’s a way to release my other creative energy.

Daily Beat: If you were a pizza, what kind of toppings would you have on you?

Ookay: Yes!! I love this question! (laughs) Because it’s like the weirdest answer. Okay, it’s olives, black olives, jalapenos, mushrooms, and….

Daily Beat: Is this the pizza you LIKE?

Ookay: Yeah. And what I would be too because I’m such a weirdo. I would be pizza on top of pizza.

Daily Beat: I’ve seen that, actually. It’s like bagel bites on top of a pizza.

Ookay: Yeah! See? It’s a win-win situation! So, yeah, if I were a pizza, I’d be a pizza on top of a pizza.

Daily Beat: What is your spirit animal?

Ookay: Oh man. What’s like the ugliest animal? What’s the ugliest animal ever?

Daily Beat: In my opinion, I think sloths are really ugly. Yet, everyone seems to love them.

Ookay: Okay, I’m a sloth. I’m slow as fuck and I don’t go to shit. But everyone thinks I’m amazing. So yeah, I’ll go with a sloth.

Daily Beat: If you could pick 2 DJ’s to be your parents, who would they be?

Ookay: Ah shit! Oh man, so I have to choose a female parent and a male?

Daily Beat: No, not necessarily.

Ookay: Alright this is a quality question. I’m going to go with….Well, it doesn’t matter since they will never be. (Laughs) Oh man, probably Tiesto. Tiesto is everyone’s dad. Oh um…. I don’t know because then there are these duos. Like, can I choose 2 duos?

Daily Beat: Yeah, go for it!

Ookay: That’s like 4 Christmas presents. I’m planning ahead. Yeah, I’m going to go with The Bloody Beetroots and Justice. No, Daft Punk. Daft Punk and The Bloody Beetroots.

Daily Beat: And Tiesto.

Ookay: And Tiesto. Tiesto is like my uncle. That’s my official statement. (Laughs) The Bloody Beetroots, Tiesto, and Daft Punk.

Daily Beat: I like it. So, what’s next for you?

Ookay: I’m going to do some missionary work. I’m going to start going to third world countries to preach the gospel of EDM.

Daily Beat: Really?

Ookay: Yeah. Okay and I’m doing a Europe Tour.

Daily Beat: Interesting way of putting it.

Ookay: That’s a bad way to put it. (Laughs) That’s like me saying every other country is third world. Umm… my EP is being released on Dim Mak. The Ghost EP; it’s like five sings. It’s A LOT of different kinds of music. I think a lot of people are going to be very surprised at what they hear. Its nothing like what you would expect from me, which is great. It’s kind of like me saying ‘Look, I can do this too.’

Daily Beat: You’re on Buygore now right?

Ookay: Yeah, I’m Buygore. But doesn’t mean I wont release with other people as well. I’m pretty sure I will release something on Mad Decent and I’m working with Dim Mak and Spinnin’ and all these different labels. Hysteria, even, maybe. That’s a little wink wink to one of my releases on Hysteria.

Daily Beat: First heard here!

Ookay: Yeah, actually it is! And yeah, just keep traveling, meeting new fans, making new singles, and I want to direct my first music video. That’s my next goal.

Daily Beat: Your own?

Ookay: Yeah, my own music video. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve never done it before. I don’t even know the first steps but I will figure it out.

Daily Beat: You got this!

Ookay: I got this! If you believe in me then I got it.

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