Ones To Watch: An Evening With Terzetto

July 31, 2013 -

Ryan Farber

Last Friday night we swung over to Philadelphia's LiT Ultrabar for a night of craziness with Manufactured Superstars. However, this soon quickly changed for us when we took to the booth and met up with local up-and-comers Terzetto, a party-hard trio of producer/DJs that are ready to take their hold on the electronic scene. With the release of their remix of "Cups" by Anna Kendrick (read about it here), they immediately caught my attention with the ability to take folk/pop and throw a spin on it that is club and festival friendly. Definitely something that really caught my attention. I was anxious to get to this show because I wanted to check these three out in action.We hung back in the booth and observed as Vinny Geo & Rone, two-thirds of the trio, took to the decks, bouncing back and forth between 20-30 minute sets. The first thing I noticed was their one on, one off style of spinning. I asked Vinny what this was all about, and he quickly grinned and told me "we each have our own genre that we like to focus on, so we take turns to keep the crowd guessing." I took note of this and it was immediately apparent to me. Like, whoa. Rone hopped on the mixer once again and began to blast out minimal electro and complextro, followed by Vinny tearing up a high-energy deep house and progressive tech set, something that I truly respected (it ain't easy keeping up pace with tech house).


We noticed that Kristin Rose hadn't yet shown up, and just as I was about to ask about it, the door swung open to the third and final member of the trio. Rushing in excitedly, she immediately took hold of the mixer and dropped in on some of the most crazily amazing, mind-boggling combinations of tracks that I had ever heard. I turned to Vinny and Rone and asked "so what's her favorite style"? Again the grin. "You're listening to it, man. Her style is everything. Try to follow, bet you can't." YES. Just so much yes. At this point, I was so energized by the vibes going on between these three that I took a break from all the questions and just let them do their thing. The next hours were a blur of songs that took me all over the musical map. Flawless transitions. Beautifully embellished effects. And the track selection/order was perfect. I felt like I was experiencing an entire day of festival sets in a party tent in a 3-hour set. Mind. Blown.


[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

So I'll leave you with this. Everyone loves to go out and party with their friends and hit up the clubs, but if you have a true appreciation and enthusiasm for the music, go see these three in action some time. I know that I always tell you guys that you should always experience it for yourself before you take my word for it. This time, seriously, take my word for it. Terzetto is one to watch.


Soundtrack to the Night:

Vinny Geo

[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]


[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Kristin Rose

[soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]



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