Seven Lions: Dream On, Little Dreamers

April 20, 2016 -

Daily Beat Staff

On April 7th, Seven Lions performed a head-rocking set at OMNIA Nightclub in Downtown San Diego's Gaslamp District. The diverse performance was driven by his hard-hitting melodic tracks like "Strangers," "Days to Come" and "Creation," with support from drum and bass, psy-trance, trance 2.0 and primal-sounding beats that took me back to our ancestral drum circles. He even showed us some Anjuna love when he played his magical remix of Above & Beyond's "You Got To Go." Prior to his set, I spoke with Seven Lions about his sound, the recently released "Creation" EP and life goals:




Describe your sound in five words or less.
Melodic and diverse.

Your latest extended play "Creation" is comprised of six tracks that follow a journey through the occult. What elements separate it from its predecessors “The Throes of Winter” and “Worlds Apart?”

This EP was a blend of a lot of new things and some old, as well. As you can hear I was playing a lot of acoustic guitar when I was making most of these songs. Some of the songs like "Leaving Earth" and "Coming Home" were really experimental songs for me and were specifically made to not be dance floor songs. It freed me up to get more creative.

What message or emotion are you transmitting to your fans via the EP’s tracks, specifically “Creation,” which features the piercing vocals of Vök’s Margrét Rán?

For that song I went through a ton of different options for vocalists, and Margrét's stood out as being ethereal and unique, so it fit the song perfectly. I think there is a HUGE influx of generic pop vocals in electronic music now due to the crossover that a lot of producers are going for, so I specifically didn't want to go down that road.




Describe to us the album’s sequential progression from string-induced “Intro” to conclusive “Leaving Earth.”

The string intro is actually the same string part used in the intro for Summer of the Occult so it made sense to have it as the intro to the whole EP. I wanted to make something thematic that had structure throughout the EP so that's where those ideas came from.

Whether it’s a remix or a mashed-up track in your set, you give Anjunabeats a lot of love. If you could collaborate with any Anjuna artist, who would it be and why? What would they bring to the mixing table that you otherwise could not?

Above & Beyond, because they are some of the best song writers in electronic music.




If you could change anything in the world, what would it be and why?
If time could be manipulated, slowed down or sped up, that would be awesome.

What is one of your quintessential goals or aspirations that you intend to see through in this life?

Have a good life with my wife and maybe become an awesome dad one day.

Do you have any words of encouragement to give to the dreamers out there?

Just keep doing what you love and let that be your focus. Don't judge yourself too harshly. Just enjoy the process!
Photos from the show are provided by OMNIA Nightclub, San Diego.

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