O Cinnedi's Single "Where am I?" Showcases More Than Just The Music

November 2, 2020 -

Justin Angle

Female producer O Cinnedi takes on the rougher, edgier side of what we know about dance music, sharing single "Where Am I?" - equipped with refreshing grit and rawness - while maintaining certain broad "EDM" elements within the song itself.

The balance the young artist strikes plays as a positive, a quick look at her social and streaming numbers shows she put the work in and has been around the block (or maybe better put around the world given the immense touring history she's accumulated), to say the least.

However your perspective, O Cinnedi's latest single and overall vibe should be elevated and shared, showcasing lots of positivity and expression within.

This song represents a bad LSD trip I was on that affected my whole life, writing this was like letting go of any fear of the future.


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