Champagne and Bananas: NYE in Dada Land

January 3, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, better known as Dada Life, filled a Brooklyn warehouse on New Years Eve 2013 with their electro house sound. This 64,000 sq. ft. warehouse in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn was transformed into the “Dada Land Compound” complete with a radiant UV lounge area, a 200 ft. long bar, and countdown clocks on every beam in sight. Deniz Koyu (Our recent interview with Deniz Koyu) played a fierce 90 minute set ending at midnight where he grabbed the mic and started the countdown into the year 2013.  The crowd welcomed the New Year with the all too familiar fog horns, smoke machines and confetti showers. As the last piece of confetti fell Dada Life took over.

The duo is known for their outrageous live sets decorated with bananas and showered in champagne- this is exactly what they delivered to the anxious Brooklyn crowd. With inflated bananas bouncing around like beach balls and champagne being sprayed in our faces, the energy created was magnetic. When paired with their biggest hits such as, “Kick Out The Epic MotherF*cker” and “Happy Violence”, the crowd was lifted off the compound floors. Although their set could not be topped that night, the boys from Bassjackers swooped in right after Dada and delivered non-stop electro and progressive house beats, including Tiesto & Allure’s “Pair of Dice”, for the perfect end to the night and the perfect start of 2013!

Dada Life NYE 2013 Countdown

Dada Life Rolling Stones T-Shirt

Dada Life “This Shit is Bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S”

Dada Land Compound[youtube]

Dada Life - So Young So High

Photo credit: ThirdEye

Dada Life Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

~ AB Rave Girls

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