Nu Luc Turns You On To U.K. Garage [Exclusive Mix]

October 13, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

Yeah so this DJ and I go wayyyyy back. Alright... enough with the bragging. I actually met Nu Luc in grade school. We had the same classes in a goody two shoes private school in the small town of Sarasota, Florida. After adult life took hold and we went our separate ways, we got back in touch and it turns out... He's an extremely talented DJ in Chicago, one of the best cities for underground dance music. He has spun at some of the coolest clubs in Chi Town and even played in The Bud Light Tent at Lollapalooza.

What is your background in DJing and music?

I played several instruments growing up, saxophone, guitar, etc… Since then, my most influential “formal” training has been taking piano and advanced music theory classes at University, which actually has had a huge influence on my DJing and inspired me to start getting into my own productions.

Who are your biggest influences?

Chris Lorenzo, Tchami, AC Slater, to name just a few. These three artists embody my preferred flavor of house and have rubbed off quite a bit on my personal style. I think AC Slater’s Night Bass label and party is one of the best things going right now… I hope to be able to book his party in Chicago one day 😉

With all the controversy coming towards the EDM culture, I asked Nu Luc some of the great and the worst things about this industry. How is it from a DJ's point of view? And from a fan's point of view?

"The best part about it is being able to interact with the crowd through music. Reading the crowd and knowing what direction to take the set, and then seeing a positive result on the dance floor… and there’s no better feeling than to see people vibing to music that you also vibe to."

"I feel like there is often an element of realness missing from nightlife. Less of a focus on the music, the people, the party, etc., and more on the money or the status. I really appreciate venues and parties that stray away from the commercial side of things to appreciate the music and foster a unique vibe."

Do you think that you have a signature sound? And what is that signature? How would you describe it to someone who doesn’t listen to your music?

As a DJ in Chicago I’m playing everything from hip-hop to house to EDM, etc… But there is no doubt that the house music sound is my signature. I’ve been particularly drawn to underground house music since moving to Chicago, and have been heavily influenced by the newest wave of future and bass house sounds... These definitely bleed through in a lot of my sets. I view my DJ sets as an opportunity to expose people to new sounds which they might not otherwise hear, so I like to take risks and push new music on the decks to open people's ears and minds.

Nu Luc live from Spybar

Did you always see yourself doing this?

Definitely not. I've always been into music, and started getting into dance music in my teens. I just happened to be in a situation that introduced me to the craft and the right people, and it took off from there.

As well as spinning some awesome tracks, Nu Luc also studies Political Science at the University of Chicago.

Where do you gain your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from the crowd every time. It’s a mutual experience feeding off of the energy of the crowd and vice versa, and while I also enjoy spinning alone in my room like a nerd, it’s just not the same as seeing people respond to the set and get into it. 

If you could change something about this industry, what would it be?

It's too difficult/too long to explain, but I am in fact trying to change it as speak with a new nightlife brand I've recently launched along with Freak Island, Luka and Casual DJs. 

FIX is a collective of like-minded artists/DJs in Chicago that have been doing parties together for over a year now... We throw branded events that provide an alternative to the same old club nights with the same old commercial EDM music night after night. As artists, we value (actually) good dance music and like to build a unique vibe through our music selection. We've got a ton of events coming up this fall/winter... check us out on our website --

Is there one particular artist that you would like to collaborate with?

Probably Kyle Watson. His sound is unbelievably tight… I could definitely learn a lot from him and our styles would mesh together super well.

My first gig DJing was just playing parties for my fraternity at University. Somehow fell into the Chicago nightlife scene soon after that… I started connecting with people in the city who had some experience in the industry. I networked quite a bit and started taking gigs downtown before I was old enough to legitimately enter the club as a patron.

11226548_503267379830739_8549267032940403515_nWhat is your goal?

My goal is just to enjoy myself and be a part of something that I really have a passion for. My goal is to start releasing my own productions in the next year or so and to build a unique nightlife brand in Chicago with FIX. I’d love to one day travel around the world and spin. I love traveling so much and already have some experience touring and performing in the US and Canada with an EDM artist. Honestly, if someone covered my travel and living expenses, I would tour and spin for free just for the experience. But for now, as long as I get to play good music for people who appreciate it, I’m happy.

What is an artist/song that is a guilty pleasure?

Selena Gomez...

When/where is your next gig?

This Saturday (10/17) I'll be at Spybar with Casual DJs, Inphinity & Kalendr. Excited to be back at the best place in Chicago for house music. These nights always go off so don't sleep!

We're so excited to announce that Nu Luc has created a mix exclusively for Daily Beat! With deep underground tones and that Chicago house sound booming through my bumpin' speakers, Nu Luc beautifully captures a vibe that is unprecedented. Listen and dance your hearts out.


Faux — Secrets

Kyle Watson — Fly With Me

Ryan Collins — About You

Terace — Let Me Know (Taiki Nulight Remix)

Foamo — Rep Your Manor

Wuki— Lip Pop (Eyes Everywhere Remix)

Sleepy Tom & Gladiator — Cruise Control

Redlight — 9TS

AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo — Fly Kicks

AC Slater — U Got 2

Wax Motif — Krush Groove

Tchami & AC Slater — Missing You

Ill Phil — House on the Weekend

Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo — Piano Hand

Hotel Garuda — Palm Sprung

Preditah — Selecta

Jamie Prado — Ice Cream

Motez — Own Up (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Kyle Watson — Back to You

Follow Nu Luc Online:

Website | Soundcloud

Article written by Lauren DiTaranto


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