NOVA Recap ~ RL Grime finishes tour, still no album

November 20, 2017 -

Barrett Hoffer

After months of traveling, playing shows, late night parties, and epic unreleased music, RL Grime’s NOVA Tour has finally come to an end. With Graves, Kittens, GTA, and Jai Wolf traveling by his side, this multi national tour was nothing short of epic. Fall and winter have become RL season. For starters, we always have the notorious Halloween Mixtape. Even now in it's 6th installment, it never disappoints. But this year also meant tour season. NOVA lived up to, if not exceeded the bar set by his VOID tour. And that's saying quite a bit. Trust me, I know this first hand. I was in attendance at Philadelphia's Electric Factory for both tours. Speaking of, I'd love to share my thoughts with you on some things from the show.

First, his openers. I was unfamiliar with both of them. Kittens kept it dark and bass heavy with a good mixture of rap and underground bass. Needless to say I found myself enjoying her set quite a bit. She started off the evening in Philadelphia. Graves came out after her. His set was eclectic to say the least. Good track selection, full of variety, and for sure what you'd need to get the party goin’.

The man of the hour was up next. After one hell of an intro, what caught my eye most was his stage set up. He has his CDJs set up with MIDI drum heads to his right. It's the enclosure he was performing on that I'm referring to. It looked as tho it had the hydraulic components necessary to elevate him, but I wasn't certain. Sure enough, as soon as I start to hear Core being transitioned in, his enclosure on stage starts to rise. 5feet. 10 feet. 15 feet. 20 feet. Yes. He was just under the ceiling at the E. Factory. What a nice surprise. I was happy to see he saved it for the climax of the set. Let us not forget the wide array of lights, lasers, and smoke machines doing their fair share as well. Man, what a show.

During the year I’ve kept my eyes and ears open for any releases from RL. Spooky Halloween mixtape aside, we’ve only been given a handful of tracks. Most of which happen to up for free download on his soundcloud, so head over there and grab them while you still can. These tracks, while few in number are gorgeous in their production. In the mean time, I suppose all we can do is wait until he drops NOVA.

Henry, if you're reading this, I think it's safe to say that we are all ready.

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