Getting In The Mood With Nicole Moudaber

January 26, 2017 -

Josh Garrett

Last Saturday night I got my first taste of Factory 93 as the Los Angeles warehouse doors were opened once again. This was only the fourth time that Insomniac hosted a Factory 93 show, but after what I experienced that night I’m hoping there will be many more coming in the future. This particular event brought Nicole Moudaber out to present MoodRAW along with Victor Calderone and Raiz.

This wasn’t your typical nightclub experience. It was about as perfect a techno venue as you could ask for. Greeting you at the door were some intriguing looking characters that immediately set the tone for the night. The wide open entry hall you first walked into was spacious and had plenty of room to sit down comfortably on carpets and pillows and socialize if you wanted a space to get away from the madness going on in the main room.


Inside the main room there were no LED panels in sight. Just lasers, smoke, a booming sound system and a giant black cube hanging over the center of the crowd. Throughout the whole night I didn’t feel crowded once. I’m not sure if there was even air conditioning in the venue but it never got uncomfortable due to a huge door leading to large outdoor space. Graffiti and other structures lined the walls to create a unique, urban atmosphere. Bar and bathroom lines were never long and the vibes were always good.

By the time I got inside Nicole was already destroying the crowd with her unique style of dark and gritty techno. Throughout the entirety of the four hour set she took us on a journey through many highs and lows, keeping us in the mood. Everyone was enjoying themselves moving to the music in their own way and spending time in all areas of the venue. At one point it began to rain and the crowd outside shuffled their way inside but it seemed as if that just made everyone dance even harder and it still never felt crowded. After demolishing our souls for four hours Victor Calderone joined her on stage for a back to back set before going into his own set. He kept the techno bangers coming all the way up until closing down at 4 AM with the majority of the crowd still in the venue.


This event felt really unique and Insomniac has accomplished their goal of bringing back the warehouse vibe that originally spawned the electronic scene. The title of the show was fitting because the night felt raw and authentic. After such a great experience I’ll definitely be back to another Factory 93 event hopefully sooner rather than later!

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