Nick's Night Out #003 feat. Mighty Mouse, Choppa Dunks & Jai Wolf @ Slake

May 7, 2014 -


Sometimes the best nights are the least expected. This past Saturday I decided to cover Mighty Mouse at Slake. I knew very little about the artist, but the fact that he's a proponent of Nu Disco was enough information to sell me on the night.  I make my way to Slake's at 12:30 AM and wrap around the line to be shortly greeted by a cute blonde.

"This sucks I just missed the free entry before 12AM cutoff"

Since I ditched my date prior I offer her my +1.

"Awesome! Stick with me tonight. My lame friends couldn't be convinced to join even though I raved about how fun Mighty Mouse is."


Already off to a great start we make our way inside to a packed room full of soulful vibes. Disco infused house is pumping out the speakers as funky bass lines and one-off stabs has the entire crowd jiving like it's 1975. We engage in this future classic experience for a while until migrating to the third floor of Slake, where the crowd's a bit stranger and the mood a lot heavier.



The entire BASSment Saturday family (Bunnies, Bartenders, and fans) is here, conjured in their communal rage mode; jumping and skull thrashing to the sounds of Subset, Choppa Dunks and Jai Wolf. The scene a complete 360 from the main stage downstairs is just too interesting to leave.


The blonde and I leap in, find some friends, make some new ones and get filthy as Jai Wolf brings the heat with his own remix of "DJ Ease My Mind" and Prince Fox's remix of "Proxy" while his manager Kenny Wallach adds a nice touch of brass with his trumpet to Alex Young & Royal's remix of "Black Skinhead". A nice touch really. The night continues with seemingly no end in site until 4AM swiftly creeps around the corner, forcing us to leave with busted ears and a lingering rage stench. Did I expect to party this hard? F*ck no, but something within the confines of Slake conjures a force within it's patrons to indulge in revelry.

- Nick AM


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