New Flume remix is “Turning” Music for the Better

July 3, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

After hearing the news that Flume released a new track from a friend who knows I am a die-hard fan, I couldn’t wait to see what Australia’s musical prodigy had in store for me. Having heard Flume play some new material unknown to me at this past EDC Las Vegas, I hoped it was the song I had in mind and lo and behold it was.

Remixing a track by fellow Aussie electro soul duo Collarbones called “Turning”, Flume transforms this already spectacular track into one of his abstract masterpieces. Keeping you guessing what’s coming next is exactly what he does best. Fume knows what you’re expecting in his music, and all music, because we all think in similar ways.

If you don’t enjoy this song at first it might be simply because you haven’t taken the time to understand it.  Flume’s music in general is weird & foreign to some, cool & fun to others, but to many (including me) it’s love & life. We have to learn all music to become a fan, if we love it to easily from first listen it's probably not as original as you’d like to think. Certain sounds in his “Turning” remix will sound really familiar to you because we’ve heard them somewhere in life. For example, the ticktock of a clock throughout the song might be reminiscent of time, something that rules our lives, because we let it. I on the other hand, am just sitting and leisurely typing this review at my own pace, because this is what I love.

 I’m not going to spoil the whole song for you, because I really hope you will figure out what it means to you. I recommend you toss on some headphones and dance by yourself (what!!??? By myself!?? He’s crazy!!!), in the grass or in your room. Read it with your mind & body, trying to sing & dance to the lyrics & the rhythm. At first it will confuse you, it will be tough and not make any sense, but still try to dance. Sing Collarbone’s captivating lyrics to your self, and try to discover how Flume cleverly reworks them to send his own message, our message.

Well, that’s that, I’ve already said enough as is and I’ll leave the rest to you guys. Let us know what you think of Flume’s remix and what it means to you in the comments below.

Also, as a an added treat, Flume’s visual effects artist’s, the visionary duo known as Toby & Pete, have directed a truly stunning music video to match the quality of his music. (trippy brahhhh) Check it out below.

-Written With Love by Brian Sousa


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