Psycho Disco Releases New EP with Sly Turner & Shuski

May 7, 2019 -

Dani Dallas

Psycho Disco knows how to pick 'em, and their newest "Tangled Wires" EP release featuring Sly Turner and Shuski is the proof. These two artists are no strangers to each other and the cohesiveness sound that comes from their tracks together demonstrates this well.

Prepare to take a trip to the underground with the "Tangled Wires" EP, as it features vocals and notes reminiscent of the night. The digital sounds place us anywhere from the jungle to the desert and make it impossible not to groove to. The production this duo brings to the table gets better after each release and listeners can anticipate that Sly Turner and Shuski will only continue to get better. Take a listen to their new EP and keep an ear open on the dance floor for these two heaters.



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