Fest300 Presents: An Interview With Nervo Live From Electric Zoo NY

September 2, 2014 -

Ashlyn Fulton

The infamous Aussie sisters, NERVO, came to the Big Apple full force to rock Electric Zoo, and that's exactly what they did. After they performed such an amazing, high energy set, full of their synchronized dance moves and some tracks off their upcoming album, I got the chance to sit down with Mim and Liv and talk future album release, spirit animals, and their favorite pizza! Check out their hilarious responses to such obscure questions and make sure to watch out for their new album!


Daily Beat: So, this is not your first Electric Zoo. How did you make this one special?

NERVO (Mim): We played a lot of new Music

NERVO (Liv): And we missed you guys last year!

Daily Beat: Oh no! You were scheduled on Sunday last year!

NERVO (Liv): Ya, it got cancelled so there was a lot of anticipation and it's very exciting to be here this year because last year didn't happen.

Daily Beat: That's unfortunate but I'm glad you guys are here this year.

NERVO (Liv): Ya, we love it. Any excuse to come back to the city. We love the East Coast.

NERVO (Mim): Oh ya.

NERVO (Liv): And this time of year it's the best place on earth. Nice and perfect out.

Daily Beat: It really is! What's your favorite venue in the States?

NERVO (Liv): Ok, I've got a new venue: Echo Stage in DC. A-mazing

NERVO (Mim): It's obscenely good.

NERVO (Liv): We've only played there once but it was hands down one of the better gigs I've ever done.

NERVO (Mim): Also Pacha New York, as well.

NERVO (Liv): We haven't played there in ages. And Hakkasan just keeps getting better and better.

NERVO (Mim): Oh ya, Hakkasan. Forgot about that one.

NERVO (Liv): It's like a club and a festival but it still maintains that element of club that we like.

Nervo Electric Zoo

-Karsten Moran via New York Times

Daily Beat: Ya, I've heard great things! So, what is your spirit animal?

Mim & Liv: My spirit animal!!

NERVO (Mim): Unicorn.

NERVO (Liv): I was going to say unicorn!

Daily Beat: You can both be unicorns!

NERVO (Mim): (Laughs) I want to be a unicorn.

NERVO (Liv): Okay, I've got another one if she wants to be a unicorn, I want to be the dragon from The NeverEnding Story.

NERVO (Mim): Ahhh!! I love that!

NERVO (Liv): (Laughs) We can both fly! What's his name, that dragon?

Daily Beat: Oh man, it's been so long. I completely forgot.

NERVO (Liv): Ahh god, that's going to annoy me now!

NERVO (Mim): I keep thinking Khaleesi and her dragons.

NERVO (Liv): The magic dragon... Puff the Magic Dragon. (Laughs)

Daily Beat: (Laughs) Wrong Dragon. We'll think of it. So, do you girls get along for the most part?

NERVO (Mim): Yes, for the most part.

NERVO (Liv): We're sisters so we...

NERVO (Mim): we skwable now and then but...

Daily Beat: There's no twin rivalry there?

Mim & Liv: Nooo

NERVO (Liv): There really isn't. There's no competitiveness between us, we work as a team and we're each others biggest champion. Like, if there is this guy I like that she's really into I'm like 'Yes Mim! Go for it!'

NERVO (Mim): We're good like that.

Daily Beat: Do you guys have a secret twin language? Because I know you have your own cool dance moves together.

NERVO (Liv): Oh I know, people have said that!

NERVO (Mim): We definitely have looks where we don't need to say anything to each other.

Daily Beat: What's your relationship with R3hab like?

Mim & Liv: Ahhh we love him!

NERVO (Liv): He's a brother to us. We've known him for probably 4 years now but the last 2 years we've got booked together a lot and we've made a lot of music together. So, it's a really good thing. It bring us together and forces us to hang out and through that we've had some amazing social relaxed moments that we can honestly say he is one of our good friends. He's just a good guy. A real, solid, very  talented guy and he's on his own on the road. So whenever we get to tour together we're buddies.

Daily Beat: If you could add any one person to your group, who would it be?

NERVO (Liv): Well we need another Nervo! We need a keyboard Nervo.

Daily Beat: I have one for you! One of my friends is a huge fan of yours. She's got long blonde hair and always wears your hat, Liv.

NERVO (Mim): Awww! We would always love to have an extra Nervo.

NERVO (Liv): Okay, but like a real live person. I mean, I think Calvin [Harris] makes such great music. I'd love to have him in the trio.

NERVO (Mim): I'd like Miley for a bit of fun.

NERVO (Liv): (Laughs) Ah, I'd love to hang out with Miley. I'd also love to steal her wardrobe.

Daily Beat: I think she would fit in with you guys. If you could be any slice of pizza, what toppings would you have on you?

NERVO (Liv): (Laughs) Funny, because we were just talking about this.

Daily Beat: Really?!

NERVO (Liv): Ya, because we were having a slice of pepperoni at the airport and it was delicious and we were thinking, 'Who on earth orders cheese when you could have pepperoni?!'

Daily Beat: (Laughs) Vegetarians?

NERVO (Liv): (Laughs) Ah vegetarians, truth!

NERVO (Mim): I think I would order something like a pesto, goat cheese, and cherry tomatoes.

NERVO (Liv): Okay, and I'm going to be really disgusting and order what I used to eat all the time in high school.

NERVO (Mim): I know what you're going to say. Vegetarian with...

Mim & Liv: Ham and salami..

NERVO (Liv): And a dash of barbeque sauce. (Laughs) It's disgusting but I like it. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

NERVO (Mim): Thin. It has to be thin based.

NERVO (Liv): You'd think I was a stoner. (Laughs)

Electric Zoo

Daily Beat: Stoner snack.

NERVO (Liv): Totally.

NERVO (Mim): And then pepperoni would come in at a close 2nd.

NERVO (Liv): No no not close though. This is everything.

NERVO (Mim): Do you put pineapples on there?

NERVO (Liv): Well ya because vegetarians always have peppers, mushrooms, pineapples...

NERVO (Mim): olives, onions, tomatoes...

NERVO (Liv): And then I'd have pepperoni, ham, and BBQ sauce. (Laughs) Oh my God, I really need to get some pizza.

Daily Beat: You're really hungry aren't you?

NERVO (Mim): Great questions, by the way.

NERVO (Liv): I love these questions!

Daily Beat: Who is your favorite artist of another genre?

NERVO (Mim): Of another genre...

NERVO (Liv): I'm really loving London Grammar at the moment. I think they're kind of in our genre, a little bit.

Daily Beat: Well let's just say favorite artist overall.

NERVO (Mim): I love artists who have got things to say. So I love Eminem, MIA. I really love.. I respect what Frou Frou is, or what image she is. I think she is so creative as a vocalist, as a producer, as a women pioneer in the music scene. She really does it all. She is very very inspiring.

NERVO (Liv): And I love song writers, story telling artists like Amos Lee, John Mayer, and Jim Scott. We love a lot of music.

Daily Beat: If you could guest star on any TV show, which one would it be?

NERVO (Liv): Is it like a reality show or any show?

NERVO (Mim): I know what you're going to say!

NERVO (Liv): Sex in the City! Aww ya. Or it'd be Game of Thrones and I'd want to be Khaleesi so I could shag Drogo.

NERVO (Mim): (Laughs)I thought you were going to say the Kardashians!

NERVO (Liv): Actually, I'd quite like to be friends with the Kardashians.

Daily Beat: If you could pick any two artists to be your parents, who would they be?

Mim & Liv: Oh God I love these..

NERVO (Liv): questions!

NERVO (Mim): Ahh..Me too

NERVO (Mim): Any two artists... Just because Paul McCartney is one of the most amazing writers.

NERVO (Liv): Bob Marley.

NERVO (Mim): Ahh a stoner! You don't want a stoner as a father!

NERVO (Liv): Or John Lennon. But, does he have be alive?

Daily Beat: Either dead or alive, doesn't matter.

NERVO (Mim): I think Paul McCartney.

NERVO (Liv): Ya, but John Lennon is a bit more earthy, and he'd be cool, like he'd be quite wise I reckon.

NERVO (Mim): I'm trying to think of a mother.

NERVO (Liv): Ya, I know. Goldie Hawn.

NERVO (Mim): She's not an artist though.

NERVO (Liv): She is. She' kind of an artist.


Daily Beat: She's an artist of a different form.

NERVO (Liv): An acting artist. Cause she's just fun.

NERVO (Mim): I wonder what [Lady] Gaga would be like!

All: (Laugh) Oh my God!!

NERVO (Mim): She'd be a fun mum! She'd like dress you up.

Daily Beat: Lady Gaga and Bob Marley.

NERVO (Liv): Lady Gaga and Bob Marley, there ya go!

Daily Beat: Okay, last one. What’s next for you ladies?

NERVO (Mim): The album. So, we’ve signed the album and now we’re just working out which single is going to go first, how we’re going to shoot videos, and do all that kind of stuff. Hopefully have the first release by, we’re hoping… November’s not going to happen I don’t think…

NERVO (Liv): I know.

NERVO (Mim): And you can’t release in December.

NERVO (Liv): No, I’m hoping end of October/November. We can do it, Mim, it’s only August.

NERVO (Mim): But you just have to get your ducks lined up, you need to get the video, get the press shots, da da da da da. So, it’s ready to roll; now it’s just about timing.

Daily Beat: I’m very excited for that! You girls threw down an amazing set today. You just put on a really good show.

Mim & Liv: Thank you!

Daily Beat: And by the way, you’re the first girls I’ve ever interviewed and I’ve been doing this for a year and a half.

Mim & Liv: Really?!

NERVO (Mim): That’s cool!

Daily Beat: Well thank you for meeting with me today and we’ll be on the look out for the new album!

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