Nahvi and DKdoitall Elevate Their Sound in '2 Chain$'

July 10, 2024 -

Justin Angle

With over 425,000 Spotify streams in the past year, Nahvi and DKdoitall are making waves. Their shows in Indianapolis are rapidly gaining popularity, and they’ve released numerous tracks. Nahvi's mastery of beats and engineering pairs seamlessly with DKdoitall's impactful vocals and lyrics. This duo is a powerhouse, captivating fans with their hip-hop singles, EPs, and LPs, all fueled by genuine passion.

Their journey began in Indianapolis, where Nahvi and DKdoitall honed their crafts. Nahvi, a producer with a penchant for blending jazz, soul, and gospel influences with Latin American and African percussion, brings a fresh perspective to hip-hop. His classical piano training and DJ experience inform his innovative production style. DKdoitall, on the other hand, enriches hip-hop with R&B, soul, gospel, trap, and jazz elements. Influenced by the likes of Kanye West and Nipsey Hussle, his unique lyrical approach and dedication are evident in his work.

Their latest single, "2 Chain$," epitomizes their growth, exploring new sonic dimensions that resonate deeply. This track, a harbinger of their August release ‘Funds 4 Fun,’ is setting the tone for 2024 and beyond. "2 Chain$" is a must-hear addition to their evolving collection.


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