Mysteryland Artist Spotlight: Claptone

May 18, 2015 -

Milli Encarnacion

Somewhere in our Mysteryland music vault lies a plethora of infectious singles, remixes, and podcasts created by a figure draped in black. His face is shrouded in gold, a glimmering mask which emulates the look of a long-beaked bird. It's indicative of the high-flying feeling gained when listening to his music. The sheer curiosity of it all piques your soul, and suddenly you're swept from your feet into an airy deep house bliss, topped off with a glass of champagne in your left hand. This is Claptone.

Nearly four years have come and gone since Claptone caught our attention with his sharply transformed remix of "C.R.E.A.M." by the Wu-Tang Clan. He's hovered above the radar ever since: his remix of Gregory Porter's "Liquid Spirit" still holds the No. 6 spot on the Beatport Top 25, two months after its release. Recording almost exclusively on Exploited, the same label that houses Doctor Dru and the Adana Twins, Claptone turns a funky '80s influence on its head with zesty four-on-the-floor beats. He injects vocal tracks smoothly into groovy formulas whenever necessary, a technique which may result in his catchy house hooks being stuck in your head: just listen to his remix of Klaxon's "There is No Other Time."

A hooded alias calls for an extravagant live show. Claptone's theatric abilities are clearly displayed in his current partnership with Oscar-nominated visionary Peter Martin, who previously worked with Alexander McQueen. This year, he launches "IMMORTAL," a live performance that promises to add an extra layer of immersion. And with a full-length LP finally on the way, it's worth noting that Pete Tong has long-favored this mysterious airborne form. He dubbed him one of his Future Stars two years ago; just last month, Claptone finally made his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix debut.

Join the masquerade this Saturday, May 23, at Mysteryland's main stage. (A limited amount of tickets are still available!)


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