MTV Launches Zedd & Foxes Clarity Official Music Video

January 11, 2013 -

Brett Blackman

I don’t know about you guys, but ever since seeing the making of the Clarity music video a few weeks ago, I've been pretty excited to see the full version. Also, the fact Zedd and Foxes recent acoustic performance on the Letterman Show last week has further amped me up for he video. Remember my review? (seen here) I love learning more about Foxes and Zedd and how they began as artists. I'm really impressed that Zedd holds to his classically trained roots and makes his music beforehand with instruments. Two nights ago, I was excited to see Zedd tweet that yesterday was the day MTV was going to release his video at 6am. After waiting a day to do the write up, here it is, along with the video. For what everyone has been waiting for, here is the official music video for Clarity.

The video starts in an unreal desert setting with winds whipping across sand dunes, We are quickly transported to L.A. Stuck in a love story, one can assume it is of Foxes dreams and her daily struggle in a relationship with her past lover. Symbolism is spread throughout the video, with a touch of postern modern artistic graphics and imagery flurried through scenes. We see Foxes trapped in a room singing to us about her woes, as well as catching a glimpse into her struggle, and being torn between what to do. She continues on her journey, as she is driving in her car, as well as her lover in another car. The cinematographer conveys a car crash between the two. Yet, instead of showing an actual crash, we see an intense scene of different graphics exploding, interchanging, and crashing into one another, as Zedd awkwardly appears in a cameo, ha.

The central character of the video, Foxes, appears multiple times as she sings about her struggles. She realizes or hopes the love for her male counterpart, despite being so unbearable at times, is a blessing. Once the crash occurs, and the graphics finish, the two are catapulted across the sky, into a dessert, where they are found waking up in a cave. I couldn't help but compare the segment to the philosopher Plato's, "The Allegory of the Cave," in which the struggles in her relationship are met with resentment, but a conclusion is made when they leave the cave and go across the desert for one another.

The man awakes with a single teardrop to find he’s in a dark cave. After searching around he finds her standing in the moonlight with an uneasy look on her face. It seems as though she communicating with her eyes, “Look what we’ve done. We can’t be together.” She then bolts and, of course, he runs after her. He follows her blood trail to find them both immobile at the peak of the dunes. Exhausted, she faints and they are then both yanked away from each other. Drifting through the sky then inevitably collide again to end up riding through the city again, this time together and happy as ever.

Overall, the video was beautifully poetic, as in some scenes gave me goose bumps (2.25 when Foxes is scene in the cave). This video seems to give off the vibe that Foxes and this guy are supposed to be together but every time they are, disaster strikes.
In the song, Foxes talks about how she wishes she didnt need this person so much, yet they are drawn together because they are meant for each other. He is her "remedy,” her “clarity.”

Special thanks to Ashlyn for working with me on this one!

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