Morten talks early years, L.A. life and working with Avicii

May 26, 2016 -

Daily Beat Staff

Denmark native and now Los Angeles local, Morten, is on the up and up and continues to rise as a DJ and producer. He started his career at the early age of 14 and has been on a non-stop force ever since. He's received support from the likes of Avicii, Candyland and Deorro and will proceed to work with the best to BE the best. With releases via Dim Mak Records and PRMD, there's no telling what he will do next!


We were able to get in a short chat with him right after his direct support for Ruby Rose in Tampa, Florida. Read on below to find out more about his newest productions, who he's had the pleasure of working with and how he came to be where he is today in his career.


Daily Beat: How do you feel about Avicii remixing one of your songs?

Morten: In the end so for him to remix me is a big thing. He remixed me as the sound we all love him for, that old Avicii sound - he loved the record.

Daily Beat: Did Avicii do this on his own or did you reach out?

Morten: No, of course I reached out. A lot of people reached out but he liked my record.

Daily Beat: Aside from the Avicii release, you have two releases that you just dropped recently and what are the names of them?

Morten: I just released a track called "Body Down" and "Himalaya". There's also "Ukali", "Stick Up", a remix of Adele's "Hello" and "Beautiful Heartbeat" that Avicii remixed. I just dropped "Body Down" so there’s been a few and much more to come.

Daily Beat: So you have been coming up pretty steadily recently?

Morten: We started this year pretty heavy and a lot of music is about to drop so it’s going to be fun.

Daily Beat: What would you credit to, when did you decide to step it up?

Morten: I worked with really talented producers and I keep getting better and better producers around me and with them I can make good music.

Daily Beat: So you build circles around people you can learn from and people that make you better?

Morten: If you hear my music the diversity is everywhere, I worked with rap producers, hip hop producers, bring in someone who plays the piano, someone who plays drums. I love to work with so many different people, that’s what I like.

Daily BeatSo you network around and learn from everyone?

Morten: Yeah man I just focus on my own stuff and music has to be getting better and better and I think it is.

Daily Beat: Are you classically trained?

Morten: I used to play the flute, and piano, my dad taught me that.

Daily Beat: Do you use the flute sound?

Morten: Nah I don’t but I know how to read the notes so that makes it a bit easier.

Daily Beat: So you’re from Denmark?

Morten: Yes, Copenhagen Denmark, (Danish) I moved to LA four years ago, so I’ve lived in LA for four years now.

Daily Beat: So how did your move to LA help you as an artist overall?

Morten: It’s got better for me to work with different artists. It's more accessible for me to be at DJ shows, meeting and go meet song writers. I am around people who are into music every day in LA.

Daily Beat: So how would you compare the LA scene to what we are doing here? You’ve played in Miami and have done Tampa recently.

Morten: To me Miami is sick there is no other word Miami is hot, the women are sexy and the dudes want to have a fucking good time. It’s like a fairy tale like state over here people are just partying I love it. I love Tampa is fucking hot.

Daily Beat: So what is going on with LA how you do like it?

Morten: LA is sick but LA is not, you know, Florida.

Daily Beat: What would you say made the jump from when you were a club DJ to being the guy who is headlining the events?

Morten: Start working with producers and making productions in my own name and working hard on getting them ready. That was a big deal for me and I mean I have been Djing for so many years just keep doing what i do.

Daily Beat: How long have you been DJing?

Morten: 20 years

Daily Beat: How long have you been Producing?

Morten: 10 years


Interview by: Brandon Sutton & Carolina Franco


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