Miami Music Week Featured Brand: Stefanie Olesen Accessories

March 24, 2014 -

Daily Beat Staff

To kick off our first day here at Miami Music Week, Daily Beat is spotlighting each featured brand during their four-day live stream extravaganza. Each day, we'll be featuring our sponsored brands, as they take part in our artist interviews, featured event coverage and much more from Miami Beach, Florida. Today, we are kicking off our feature with Stefanie Olesen accessories. Sydney Jow recently sat down with Stefanie to get a feel for her brand, the inspiration behind her pieces, and where she sees the brand going in the near future.


SJ: Where does the inspiration for your pieces come from?

I get inspired every single day from all different things that surround me; other designer pieces, specific patterns, charms, themes..sometimes I even get inspired by a conversation I’m having that doesn’t even have to do with fashion! My head is constantly spinning with new ideas – I love going into the city (NYC) for inspiration; mind gets completely lost when I’m in fabric & bead stores just thinking about what I want to design next. When I have a vision of something I want to create, nothing compares to the thrill of rushing home to get that piece started!

SJ: How do you stand out from other brands that make the same types of headbands?

When it comes to other headband designers, I always try to be different when it comes to my designs. Whether its adding spikes to a flower crown, or mixing different patterns together, my headbands have an edge to them that makes them unique and different.

SJ: What's your favorite piece?

That’s a tough question! I’m very into the jeweled headpieces for this summer. They’re so much fun to make & they’re very comfortable; each one is constructed with leather ends, making it easy to adjust & fit comfortably on every head. Our jeweled headpieces are great for casual & dressy occasions - they look awesome with just about any look you’re going for.


SJ: Do you ever plan on expanding beyond head wear?

Designing head wear is definitely my niche – I’ve played around with other products like tote bags and phone cases, but I definitely plan on sticking with head wear. I have big plans for the future; I’m just getting started!

SJ: If you could have one song be the theme song of your brand, what would it be and why?

Hmmmm…well, although I am not a man (we would have to rearrange some words) I would choose The Man by Aloe Blacc. It’s up beat, the lyrics are inspirational, and listening to it gives you a boost of confidence. This song represents me and my brand because nothing comes easy. You have to work hard towards your goals – I worked/still am working towards my goals but what I have accomplished thus far is shown through my designs, and I am very proud of every piece I have every created.



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