Meet EDM's New Rockstar, Patrick Perfetto

July 23, 2015 -

Bradley J. Callison

With so much noise in the EDM scene these days, an artist's struggle to be noticed out of all the saturation is more difficult than ever. Staying to true to one's self, maintaining originality, and finding new ways to make an impact in the industry often go overlooked these days. One of the few producers keeping it "real" in today's scene is Patrick Perfetto. With the latest release of his new original production "Aladdin", Perfetto has shown us that whatever may be the current trend in EDM may be, the best way to stay true and be honest with yourself is to adapt and evolve while putting your own personal touch on all you do. I sat down with Patrick last week at his studio in North Hollywood and got a first hand look at an artist that has seen it all and sets himself apart from the rest.


Starting his musical career at the age of ten on the drum set, Perfetto then went on to marching band in high school and then onto the distinguished Berklee School of Music on scholarship while learning production and musicianship and audio engineering. One of the few DJ/producers I've met that doesn't wear a backwards hat, Perfetto brings an in depth array musician skills to the table and a solid foundation in drumming. Perfetto takes pride in his roots and rightfully so. Well educated electronic artists are hard to come by these days, let alone someone who understands what it takes to be a talented songwriter in the electronic scene these days. Expanding his foundation even further is the fact that Patrick dove into hip hop and trap in his early days of producing. After a few sketchy incidents at his studio on the East Coast, Perfetto took the leap and headed west to Los Angeles and hasn't looked back since.

With his mind set on making music a career, Perfetto dove into the trap game upon arriving on the West Coast. Like many starting their careers in LA, the struggle was real. Working at a car dealership, playing shows to 25 people, being screwed over by promoters, renting out studios in some not so friendly neighborhoods, and working in a studio half the size of his current one, Perfetto has paid his dues. He pays homage to the likes of Deadmau5 and Skrillex for the inspiration of his own originality to maintain his sound and style with evolving as an artist. In 2014, Perfetto won Insomniac's Discovery Project and performed at Beyond Wonderland Bay Area. Since then, things have only gotten better and within the past year, Perfetto has embraced the new attention and stay humbled throughout the journey.

Unphased by the lifestyle California often portrays and exhumes, Perfetto knows what must be done in order to make it in this town. "Most people outside of California think it's all partying and beaches and doing drugs all the time. And those who relocate don't want to put in the work." Hard work, relentlessness, motivation and fierce competition in Los Angeles separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. "When you go outside you can feel the music and creativity in the air and it pushes you to strive for something better creatively." Perfetto even offered his own analogy of how the music industry works and it's delicious: "The music industry is like a five star restaurant. You gotta be patient, make sure you stay on people's radar, make sure you're ready when they call your name, keep your reservation, deal with a guest/waiting list, make good connections, and never give up."

Perfetto's newest release, "Aladdin", is a taste of more yet to come from the rock/hip hop/trap infused producer. With a fresh take on trap, Perfetto puts on a perfect display of production skills. Reaction to his newest release has been nothing but positive. Bringing in a thundering bass and tight hi hats, "Aladdin" sets itself apart from the congested trap scene. The Arabian feels provide a distinct melody and is perfect for the club or festival scene. Multiple buildups differentiating throughout supplies a new take on the trap game that will not go unnoticed. You can catch Patrick Perfetto performing at The Yost Theater on July 31, where he is guaranteed to take you on a magic carpet ride through space and time. You can grab your tickets here for The Yost. With a few more surprises lined up for the rest of the year, and beyond, Patrick Perfetto is one to keep on your radar not only for the rest of this year, but many still to come.

Photo Credit: Joe Worrell



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