Markus Schulz Buenos Aires '13 Compilation Album Review

October 7, 2013 -

Brett Blackman

The Unicorn Slayer, Markus Schulz, has really outdone himself with this year’s city compilation. Each year, Markus produces a compilation album named after an influential city: past cities include Miami, Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Prague amongst others. This year, for his 8th city, Markus chose Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires ’13 takes everything we know and love about Markus and his signature Coldharbour sound and takes us on a musical journey. From start to finish, the entire album showcases the biggest and the best Coldharbour tracks of the year, introduces us to new music, as well as giving names to the ID’s we’ve all wondered about for months.

BA13FINALCOVERThe album features tracks by the likes of KhoMha, Rex Mundi, Digital X, Mr. Pit, Purple Stories, Grube & Hovsepian and many, many others. With 2 discs and 38 tracks in total, Markus was able to present all aspects of the Coldharbour sound that we know and love. He also released a new track under his alias, Dakota, which takes his dark driving sound to another level. I felt the album was very balanced over-all with a nice mix of both instrumental and vocal tracks as well as remixes and edits. The album builds through a slow and steady progression, the same way Markus would; once you think it’s safe to come up for air, he’ll drag you right back down again. With complex chords, meticulous drops and synths that you could just get lost in, the slayer has indeed done it again. Markus is the king of progressive trance and this album really showcases the sound he has so beautiful crafted over the length of his career. Bravo Markus!

Selections from Disc 1:

Rodg & Ruben de Ronde’s Different Minds is a beautiful track with a sneaky, slinky progression and an overall groovy feel to it. KhoMha’s Cyclone has already left its footprint on the dance floor with a massive breakdown and intense driving force. Remember This is the name of “the” ID that everyone has been waiting months for. With a gorgeous melody and an overall enchanting vibe, it has already become a staple in Markus’s sets. Suburbia by Aaron Camz has a very sexy vibe to it with a dark incising baseline and a haunting choppy vocal to match. Rex Mundi a.k.a. Sexy Rexy’s track Backpain I found to be exceptionally beautiful. With a lovely build, warm melody and overall uplifting vibe, I couldn’t help but smile.

Selections from Disc 2:

Because Rex Mundi is SO good, I’m featuring him again. The collaboration between Markus and Mundi – Towards The Sun is pretty damn close to perfect. They’re kindly reminding us to “keep on walkin’ towards the sun” with a happy, upbeat melody. Grube & Hovespian – Trickster is a track with so much force, you wont even know what hit you. With a gorgeous melody and a breakdown to match, this track is already a staple in sets everywhere. Markus’s new track Mardi Gras might be my favorite track on the entire compilation. He created a dance floor bomb holding on to all the aspects of the Coldharbour sound that we know and love. With an interesting breakdown, lovely progressions and a deep progressive drop, this track is top-notch. Digital X – Phantom I’ve been in love with this track since I heard it on Global DJ Broadcast (multiple times already). The melody is unmistakable and the beat is to die for.The Other Side by Skytech is another one that caught my eye. This track has beautiful pianos, a stunning breakdown and a catchy, driving coldharbour baseline that we all love. Solarcoaster is already a LEGENDARY track in and of itself and Markus just gave it a whole new feeling all-together. Markus’s Coldharbour remix of the classic captures the essence of the original while adding his signature style.

I hope you all enjoy Buenos Aires ’13 as much as I did! Pick up your copy today!




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