Louisahhh!'s Newest EP "Shadow Work" Proves She is Still the Queen Of Bromance

September 23, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

This past weekend Louisahhh!, the one and only femme fatale of Brodinski's Bromance crew, dropped a new EP, called "Shadow Work". With six original, exclusively Louisahhh!, exclusively techno tracks - I couldn't wait to hear how the collection played out. All of the originals feature Louisahhh!'s signature vocals, with a heavy reverberation that paints the picture of a chic, but dark club scene under a half broken spotlight.

I'll be completely honest with you, upon hearing it for the first time through my year-old Sennheisers, I was a little underwhelmed. A few tracks had a great, rich, and complex sounds to them, with layers to reach down into every time you fully and actively listened. But still, some seemed too slow, too light, or to similar to one another. But here's the thing, tracks like these are made to be flowed through giant sound systems, intricately placed throughout dark, deafening techno sets. Luckily I had the chance to see Louisahhh at her album release party at Good Room the very day it hit Beatport. As I had expected, the tracks deemed unfathomably pleasant under the disco lights and vibrating walls.


Photo by dojozine.com

Louisahhh's performance was hard hitting, as we could have assumed. At this point, after seeing the New York mastermind play a handful of times, it's essentially a given that she will throw down an aggressive techno set that smacks you to the ground. Her sound is so literally Bromance that its ironic, almost amusing. She fits so well into the collection of artists curated by Louis Brodinski, that all we can expect is the unexpected. You never know exactly what the dark-clad queen will play, but you know it will be brilliant. At Good Room, she remastered a handful of BMC classics into a vociferous parade of sound. Track after track garnered cheering from the crowd, which was insistently French and all-black wearing. And Louisahhh, even with her aphotic techno persona, couldn't help but bounce and smile as she worked the mixers. And as for her new EP, the original and modern tracks flowed like creamy caramel through Good Room's sound system. The utterly massive and intriguing genre of Louisahhh's latest was stunning live. We can't wait to see what the hailing queen of Bromance comes up with next.

Listen to her new EP HERE [via Beatport]


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