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November 18, 2014 -

Thornton Drury

We have all fantasized about meeting our favorite DJ, luckily I have been afforded the opportunity to meet many of them. Some of them are extremely nice where as others won't even give you the time of day. Below are my experiences with each of them.

** This article will be constantly updated so check back if the DJ you're looking for is not listed**

In Zedd's tour bus! #voodoo #backstage


  • Context: Artist lounge after his performance
  • Venue: Voodoo Fest 2014 | New Orleans, LA
  • Experience: After standing awkwardly in the Artist Hospitality trailer for 10 or so minutes listening to his entourage congratulate him on a great performance, I worked up the courage to ask for a picture. He was in a huge rush due to the fact that he had a show in Vegas later that night but he happily dropped his luggage and took a picture with me. I sadly didn't have much time to talk with him.


Flux Pavilion! #flux #fluxpavilion

Flux Pavilion

  • Context: On stage during Skrillex after his performance
  • Venue: Voodoo Fest 2014 | New Orleans, LA
  • Experience: I was jamming out on the stage with Skrillex behind the decks and as I turned around I saw Josh just standing there talking to a few people. I walked right on up and asked for a picture. He almost seemed excited and we proceeded to have a ~50 photo photoshoot. After the picture was taken care of I told him how big of a fan I was and how he called me out in the crowd at Counterpoint 2014. He said he remembered me and told me that whenever I see him I need to bring my crowd-surfing raft and that he'd call me out every time. Very cool person.


Met me some SKRILLEX!! #skrillex #yoskrilldropithard


  • Context: On stage (and backstage) after his performance
  • Venue: Voodoo Fest 2014 | New Orleans, LA
  • Experience: I have heard a ton about Sonny being a very humble person and he lived up to the hype. After a solid 1.5 hours of dancing my legs off on stage, I joined the large mob of people that wanted to talk to him. He took the time to answer each and every question and take a picture with everyone that asked. I saw him sign atleast 20 autographs before being pulled away by a part of his crew. I have a feeling that he would stay and talk with us forever if he didn't have anywhere else to be.


PRETTY LIGHTS! #Plm #plf #prettylights

Pretty Lights

  • Context: Artist lounge after his performance
  • Venue: Voodoo Fest 2014 | New Orleans, LA
  • Experience: After his performance myself and Pretty Light's cousin (whom I met during the show) headed back to the Artist Hospitality area. After waiting for what seemed like hours Derek finally showed up. There were TONS of people backstage talking to him. Poor Derek had a sandwich in his hand that he couldn't eat because of the never-ending photo requests. He was too nice to take a break and take some time to eat. He was also fairly drunk, which I was told began before he took the stage. Eventually it was my turn to take a photo and he made sure we got the lighting right and everything. Very nice dude while intoxicated, can't wait to meet him sober, which I have been told is rare.


Also Dave Grohl. No big deal. #foofighters #foo

Dave Grohl

  • Context: On stage during Skrillex
  • Venue: Voodoo Fest 2014 | New Orleans, LA
  • Experience: Even though he's not a DJ, I think he is still notable. We were on stage for Skrillex and I turned to my left for the first time in about 20 minutes and I see DAVE GROHL standing right there. I couldn't believe my eyes. Admittedly I was fangirling a bit so I completely interrupted his enjoyment of the show to ask for a picture. He obliged, although kind of with a "...ugh fine" attitude. Oh well! I got my picture! However, to my dismay it was really blurry and you could hardly tell what was going on. After the show had ended, I asked him for another stating that the last one was blurry. He happily obliged this time and it came out great. I talked to him a bit more in the mob of people looking to talk to Skrillex after his performance and he is a very cool, down to earth guy. I'm sure being super-famous makes you a little tired of taking pictures.


Met NERVO!!! #ultra #umf #umf2014 #ultra2014 #ultramusicfestival #instagood #me #selfie #miami #miamimusicweek #umf16 #ultra16 #kandi #SpringBreak #sb2014 #sb2k14 #kandikid #plur #plurr #plurnt #edm #dubstep #asot #asot650 #canUfeelit


  • Context: General Admission Meet-n-greet
  • Venue: Ultra Music Festival 2014 | Miami, FL
  • Experience: The line was rushed through. Get your picture and get out. This was not the ideal circumstance to see how they acted towards their fans because they were sort of required to have a smile on. That being said, they were very nice girls. I had made them kandi necklaces the night before and was dedicated about getting them to them. When I walked in and handed them to them, Mim was super happy and Liv put hers on. They genuinely thanked me and they even wore the necklaces for the rest of the meet-n-greet.


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