Lonely Leonard Unveils Raw Artistry in Debut Album 'BLOCKBUSTER'

June 20, 2024 -

Justin Angle

Lonely Leonard’s debut solo album, ‘BLOCKBUSTER’, is a raw, unfiltered glimpse into his world. The 11 tracks blend drill, EDM, and jersey club sounds, creating a wild ride for the listener. From the catchy hooks to the provocative raps, each song offers something new. The lead track, “I Did It,” is an anthem for New Jersey, showcasing Leonard’s confidence and ability to ride a jersey club beat like a pro. The album’s variety in genre and themes paints a vivid picture of the “rainbow-colored tragedy” of the music and porn industries.

Leonard’s journey is nothing short of fascinating. After a stint as a porn director, he returned to his true passion. Inspired by the likes of Eminem, BandmanRill, and Travis Scott, Leonard infuses his music with powerful influences while adding his own unique twist. He records with Killroy, a collaborator of Snoop Dogg, and gets engineering help from Fritzthaproducer, known for his work with Pop Smoke.

Since launching his career, Lonely Leonard has been featured on Ebro’s Apple Music Radio Show and praised by Rick Ross. With ‘BLOCKBUSTER’, he takes another bold step, donating a percentage of merchandise sales to the AZ Access to Abortion Fund, showing his commitment to important causes.


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