Let's have some FUN. - The Fox Theater

March 30, 2013 -

Daily Beat Staff

Early last month, I got a text message from my little brother that he has tickets to FUN. and yes, went with him. To sum up the entire show in a few words, the name of their band says it all. Not only did I have one of the greatest times at a concert, but after speaking with Andrew Dost, the pianist among other instruments, you could tell how much fun the band had doing what they do.

Before the show, we ate at an incredible restaurant called Pican, in downtown Oakland (Look for a review coming soon). We primed ourselves up with the most delicious display of food and drinks before heading a few blocks over to the Fox Theater where we grabbed our All Access Passes and headed into the venue.

The Fox Theater is one of the most beautiful venues I have ever stepped into. The entire building was intricately detailed and the lights that were set up for the show worked perfectly with the music they performed. The anticipation built for a couple minutes after they were supposed to go on stage, then as if at the last possible second, in big letters across the canvas over the stage, FUN shined brightly as they all walked out on stage.

The crowd was as ready as they would ever be, because people went ballistic. It was nice to be able to stand right next to the stage without having to be sardined with the general population of people. I looked back on the fans throughout the entire show and was, for the lack of a better word, inspired by what I saw. People’s age ranged anywhere from what seemed like 11 or 12, to older folks who were definitely upwards of 70.


The show carried on for about two hours, and then they slowly walked off the stage without playing their most popular song on their album. Cheers of encore rang through the theater, and then after a few seconds of building apprehension, they sprung back on stage and screams washed over the crowd in waves.

They finished their set and we walked backstage to try to grab a few words with the band members. Andrew was the only one available at the time, but it was nothing short of inspiring to be able to talk with him. If I hadn’t have known ahead of time, I would have never guessed that he had just played a two hour show. He was extremely calm and collected, with the most laidback and down to earth attitude, it was no wonder that FUN creates the type of music that they do.


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