LED LA Brought Out Our Inner Ratchet With Milo & Otis + Borgore

February 18, 2015 -

Louis Garcia

Some people might have spent their Valentine's night eating chocolates and cuddling. We did that too! Just kidding obviously we raged our faces off. While part of our team went to cover Insomniac's Crush, we headed to the notorious Shrine Expo Hall to catch LED as they hosted their pre-anniversary party. Whether you had a bae or not, this was the place to be on Valentine's night hence it's sold out attendance.


Kicking off the night we caught a glimpse of Brazzabelle's opening set. It seems like she's a resident for the majority of LED events and we can't complain because she knows how much the crowd pre gamed and she's a strong believer in kicking things up right off the bat. We're talking electro and big room but the kind that involves a lot of mashups and throwbacks. We recognized a ton of old school hip hop edits including House of Pain's Jump Around.


By the end of her set it seemed like the majority of people coming to the show had made it in because the floor was already poppin for Valentino Khan's set. In case you don't remember who Valentino is you might recognize him from Day of the Dead's trailer. He started off with a bunch of booty bounce and trap music which was somewhat expected from his style. We enjoyed how groovy it was with his taste in abstract kick rhythms and 808s. What really made his set memorable was the ridiculous amount of hard style he threw in towards the end. Even though Khan isn't the biggest DJ around, the set he dropped felt like he was the headliner from another planet. It was strange and unique but kept a constant heaviness throughout the BPMs that felt intense and had the crowd going like there was no tomorrow.


After making friends with a Navy Seal then later receiving a Blues Clues kandi bracelet, we headed back into the main room to catch Milo & Otis. We've seen a ton of impressive openers but Milo & Otis was by far the best. What's great about their entrance was it was not even that epic they basically came up and dropped Backseat Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar. What blew ouur minds was the where they took it afterwards. They lead into a massive buildup that grew a ridiculous amount of anticipation. Finally we heard the words "jaguar trap" and just like that we landed into the world of What So Not. Just as we began grooving to this they dropped in Rae Sremmurd's No Type and built that up even more with what turned into a double drop of NYMZ's BINGBONG and Smookie Illson's bootleg of Club Action. It felt like we were getting slapped over and over again with craziness and our only way to react to it was to go completely ham, a great way to kickoff their set if you ask us. They continued throughout the night with crazy mashups of popular and underground tracks in the realm of trap, twerk, and moombahton. Another memorable mashup included Bobby Shmurda's Hot N*gga into A$AP Rocky's Wild For The Night into RL Grime's Valhalla. We hate to play favorites but we wanna say that these guys definitely stole the show for this one.


Next up for the night was DJ Mustard, one of hip hop's most influential producers as of recently. If you don't live under a rock you've probably heard his beats since they've been used by some of the biggest hip hop artists on the biggest hits including Drake, 2 Chainz, and YG. If you knew this about Mustard then his set probably came as no surprise since it was basically all ratchet radio music with the occasional trap drop. Many people have been complaining about Mustard's habit of hard cutting each track without much mixing but we thought it kept everyone somewhat energized. If he played unrecognizable tracks then it would not have been as fun but since almost all of the songs he played were originals it was refreshing how we went drop into drop of hit tracks. Yeah we might have preferred plenty of DJs over Mustard but he got the crowd hyped and it was great for what it was.

Finally Borgore took the stage giving everyone a run for their money with a solid mix of frantic dubstep and ratchet trap. Not to mention his set featured two sexy strippers riding a pole on each side of the DJ booth throughout the set. The moment where he threw down his remix of O.T Genasis's Coco perfectly summarized the vibe he was going for. He kept the crowd going wild while feeding the crowd pleasures, including an epic remix of Hozier's Take Me To Church. At this point we had made it to the balcony where we were able to closely watch Asaf as he went from track to track on CDJs. Even with this view we were impressed by his ability to seamlessly mix each track. He made it look so easy, and we're sure the bottle of Jager he downed helped. He was also able to jump around genres throwing in a bit of jersey club with his original track Ratchet as well as some future house, big room, and electro. After dropping some of his hits including Nympho and Decisions, he brought some girls on stage for a "twerk contest". During this time we spotted Ookay attempting to ride the stripper pole on stage. To be honest we had low hopes for his performance but he totally proved that he deserved the headlining spot for the night.


LED definitely made our Valentines worth while with this phenomenal lineup of performances. The venue had great vibes throughout the night and we ended up being impressed with the overall level of production that went into it.


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