Krewella On A Mission To Prove New-Found Relevance In The Scene

November 24, 2014 -

Sabrina Clark

Krewella's song with Adventure Club, "Rise & Fall," could not be any more appropriate for the act at the moment. Hailing from Chicago, Krewella formed in 2007, but officially started on June 8, 2010 when students Yasmine Yousaf, Jahan Yousaf, and Kris "Rain Man" Trindl  dropped out of school and quit their jobs to pursue their music career full-time. Their efforts paid off as they were catapulted into the spotlight. By 2012, they had released their first EP, Play Hard and embarked on a full worldwide tour with 68 stops, including a slot at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando, Stereosonic Festival in Australia, and LIV Nightclub in Miami. By 2013, they played Ultra Music Festival for the first time, had a Top 40 radio charting song with their self-proclaimed best song, "Alive", released their debut full length album, Get Wet, and even had a performance on Nikki and Sarah Live on MTV. Everything was coming into place for the trio, or so it seemed...

When we first saw Krewella early on in their Play Hard Tour, all three members stood behind the decks. Somewhere on that tour, they changed their live performance set up. Instead of having three DJs, they became one DJ and two singers, as the Yousaf sisters began to sing live and dance around on stage.

Fans heard a difference in their music as well. What started off as a unique sounding dubstep act with Play Hard had turned into a more bland progressive house, or almost pop music act by the time Get Wet was released. Songs like "One Minute" and "Alive" that were cleverly full of emotion on their first release were followed by boring songs like "Enjoy the Ride," the oddly hardstyle influenced "Ring of Fire," and the most controversial song, "Pass the Love Around," which is undeniably a song about coming up on drugs. Even their ballad, "Human" didn't seem to resonate with fans as much as it was intended to. For many fans, Krewella went from being one of the most well-respected and hard-working acts, to becoming a tasteless sell-out.

For their 2014 Ultra Music Festival main stage debut, Rain Man was nowhere to be found. We later learned that Rain Man had been put in rehab for alcohol addiction in late 2013. He was missing on tour and social media for months until May, when he made a statement via his personal Twitter account saying he was absent from the trio's latest shows because he was in LA making new music for the group. The Krewella twitter awkwardly responded by saying "thanks for giving credit to 'the girls' for writing music. on top of touring." Things were beginning to look weird to fans. On September 30, 2014, Krewella announced on Facebook that Rain Man had left the group and was now suing the sisters for $5 million with claims that they kicked him out of the group. Many people made remarks (including Deadmau5)  about how Krewella was going to continue on without Rain Man, who is often credited as the lead producer.

On November 20, the Krewella Facebook page updated its profile picture to a black screen that faintly says "Say Goodbye", the newly formed duo's brand new song and double entendre for Rain Man's departure from the group.

They also updated their cover photo featuring a new Krewella logo, with the bottom two points of the "W" protruding farther from the bottom of the rest of the word, possibly to symbolize that Krewella is now a two member group. On November 21, they posted another update saying "We are speaking out. SUNDAY 11/23 - 5PM PST" along with news that the Yousaf's had filed a counter-suit against Trindl with claims that he actually had no idea how to DJ all along.

It seems that the Krewella sisters are trying to re-brand the group and show that they do in fact have talent. When Rain Man was still a part of the trio, many discredited the Yousaf sister's ability to produce music and DJ. Part of this can be blamed by a mainly male dominated industry that isn't used to seeing many successful female DJs. Unfortunately, the other part of this perception is due to their live performance set up.  The Yousafs are sick of being credited only as singers. They demand respect as DJs, but do not show any signs of DJing when they perform. Perhaps this new announcement will reintroduce the Yousaf sister's ability to produce great music and DJ live. One thing's certain: if they don't produce a great track on their own (without the help of hired outside producers), we can expect Rain Man's new act Hunter Square to get a lot more respect and attention.

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