Know Your Elements: Earth Stage [BangOn!NYC]

August 18, 2015 -

Derek Kademian

In correlation with our on going coverage of Elements, hosted by BangOn! NYC, we're moving onto the element that makes it possible for musicians to perform, Earth. Presented by Run the Trap, Earth Stage promises one of the most diverse mixture of sounds at the festival due to it's diverse artists who are both locally and internationally recognized as being mainstays in their respective genres.

Tune in towards the end of the week where we'll give you a full breakdown of the event. Until then, take the time to brush up on some of these amazing artists and make sure you buy your tickets while you still can!

Earth Stage

Presented by Run the Trap


It doesn't get much closer to nailing the theme of earth than Shpongle. Forerunners of the psybient genre, Shpongle is one of the most psychedelic experiences in electronic music with their intricate visuals and costumes, they are notorious for bringing their audiences to another dimension on a physical and emotional level. Over the past several years, they've managed to turn everyone in their crowds into firms believers in the sound, creating a cult following. Although I haven't seen them personally, the amount of times people have told me, "Sphongle will change your life," is a little unnerving, needless to say, I'm really looking forward to seeing them.


In the same vein of experimental sounds, Paper Diamond is well known for dabbling in both heavy hitting trap tunes but tends to diverge from the path of typical high snares with a mixture of ambient sounds. Fitting the bill of a trap sponsored stage, Paper Diamond offers his fans innovation during a time when trap has been overplayed, which has made him a staples in the genre. He's been pushing originals and remixes for the past 4 years, which has earned him the respect and appreciation of his peers and fans by playing with some of the biggest names EDM. His latest album Rain Drops had great feedback from the trap community, arguably some of his best material to date.


This Swedish shaman of dubstep is one of the best in the game. No stranger to NYC, Liquid Stranger has played at venues all over the city, bringing his own blend of bass face worthy sounds. Having released his latest EP Nomad Vol. 1 on his own new label Wakaan, his style has never sounded better. Creating your own label allows an artist to make the sound they truly desire without the intrusion of management and if this new EP says anything, his set is going to be insane.


Definitely one of the most interesting choices on the bill is Minnesota and his blend of future bass, dubstep and so many other genres it's hard to pinpoint. His abilities to seamlessly switch between genres will make his set one of best to catch this weekend. Following in the footsteps of how Porter Robinson executed Worlds, Minnesota's bass holds a a similarities in the texture of his bass. Since last year's album Voyager was released, he's spent his time working and remixing Bassnectar, G Jones and several others.


One of the most highly acclaimed producers in the trap game, HeroBust, will be gracing the stage with his presence. Ranked in everyone's top trap producers, HeroBust has risen to fame in over the past 5 years. Collaborating with everyone from Snails to gLAdiator and his legendary 'BUSTED' remixes, his tracks have made it into most headliner's mixes. The bedroom producer born beat maker has been on the top of his game over the past year or so, by booking spots at some of the biggest festivals in the world.


Primarily based in the future bass/trap movement, Louis Futon has been climbing through the ranks this year, making BangOn! the perfect place to showcase his stuff. His recent collaboration with Bassnectar has made his audience reconsider what this Philly based producer is truly capable of. Nothing is off limits to Louis as he's worked with an incredibly diverse group of artists including everyone from DJ Mustard to his brand new remix of Gallant's, "Weight in Gold," which has been met with great acclaim.


After only working under the name Branx (formerly DCarls), this Baltimore based producer is best known for his work with, "Takin' It To The Max," a collaboration between him and Russ Liquid. Intwined in the use of 'future' sounds, Branx taps into what he calls future soul and funk, which will make for a hell of dance your ass off day party this weekend. Never hearing Branx before I found his latest EP with Exmag to be his most endearing material. Dipping into a West Coast vibe, Branx fits his own brand of future sounds in with their rock/soul/funk essence. His groovy basslines mixed with some brews, will surely create the positive vibe to help jump start the party.


Birthed in the fiery dances of moombahton and baptized in the brutishness of jungle terror, Fight Clvb is one of the hardest hitting players in the scene. With their recent collaboration with Afrojack and Titus, this is a duo that's making some serious moves. Consisting of SAV (DJ and producer) and Mystereo (an unstoppable hype-man), they had the crowd going wild at Mysteryland when they cooked hamburgers on stage and threw them out into the crowd. Run the Trap couldn't have picked a better act to give their stage the boost of high voltage energy it needs. You never know what will happen when Fight Clvb hits the stage, so make sure you get there early!


Flyer artwork by VoodooBownz.


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