Knife Party: Internet Friends (Music Video Relase) [WATCH]

January 17, 2013 -

Ryan Farber

Rob Swire & Gareth McGrillen are at it again!!! The electro/dub duo known as Knife Party rocked the EDM world last year with their hit single "Internet Friends", accruing over 16 million views on their YouTube channel alone.  Kicking off 2013 in the right way, they bring us their visual imagination of what this song entails.

Scene One: we are introduced to your typical WoW gamer, locked in his room with no social contact. Throughout the course of his time online, he is continuously contacted by a girl online named Nikki. What blows my mind is why this idiot wouldn't respond. The girl is smoking hot Victim A blocks his account, and in an "Eagle Eye" rendition, is instantly located and abducted by said sexy girl and her two equally as sexy compatriots.  He is then taken into a dark room and executed (quite graphically, I might add, as is the Knife Party way).

Scene Two: We learn that the mastermind behind this plot to off anyone not using Facebook to be none other than Mark Zuckerberg (or so we can assume, with his mop of curls and traditional pajamas and blue "Face(c)rook" t-shirt).  The next victim, a user of MySpace, is found next and taken out as well.  We see Zuckerberg growing in power, and slowly becoming more radical and insane. He then has a Wall Street official abducted and silenced, and it is at this point that we see the cast of beauties around him slowly becoming fed up with him.  The last scene depicts him completely on his own surround by white powder (baking soda definitely) and one last Eagle Eye location tracker on himself. Clearly sexy assassin goddesses don't like being told what to do.

This music video was quite easily one of the most entertaining and intelligent I have seen in quite some time.  While fun to watch, it also served to keep us thinking about all that goes on in this world, whether we know about it or not.  Someone is always watching, and there is a truth to "too much of a good thing". ***Cough cough stop changing Facebook cough***.

That's my two cents on this video! Watch it for yourself and let me know what you think!


Knife Party - Internet Friends (Official Music Video)


Knife Party | Facebook | Twitter | Website

~ Ryan T.

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