KENZI SWAY Explodes into the Bass Scene [INTERVIEW]

August 1, 2019 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Straight outta Dallas, Texas, KENZI SWAY is one badass young boss ready to throw-down the most epic, fearsome dubstep heard this side of Hades. Darkly cinematic in its production, the menacing percussion of KENZI SWAY's "Annihilate" builds frantically until the track explodes in a melancholy fury of blazing synths and lurching chords. Just when you think it's safe to open your eyes, KENZI SWAY swoops-in for the kill, leaving bass music-lovers screaming for more.

Catch KENZI SWAY's "Beauty & The Bass" weekly radio show on DASH Radio's ElectroCity and JACK'D UP Radio.


Hi Kenzi, thanks for your time. We're really digging your outgoing vibe (after watching your Instagram videos, etc.)! How did you get into DJ’ing?

KENZI SWAY: I graduated nursing school and while I was studying for my board exams, I needed something to keep my mind off the exam so I bought my first controller. The controller became an obsession for me and I learned how to DJ that way. I decided last minute that nursing wasn’t for me, I needed to be happy doing something and the one thing that was making me happy was music. So I just decided not to go that route. I’ll always have nursing but music is where I belong.

Do you work with anyone in the studio, or do you write, record, engineer and produce all of your own music? \

KENZI SWAY: I don’t understand how people these days can call themselves an “artist” but don’t create their own art. I write all my own tracks (you should see my journal). I record, engineer and mix / master all my music in my home studio that I’ve actually built myself.

"Dooms Day" is totally sick! What's the story behind the making of that track?

 KENZI SWAY: Doomsday is inevitable. And it will come one day whether you are ready for it or not. It’s scary because you know it’s coming but no one knows what it will entail but you know it’s going to be powerful. I find that whole idea similar to my emerging music career. My track, “Dooms Day,” was the first time producers began to respect me as a fellow producer. I wanted to come into the scene with a bang. And I did.

It's really refreshing to hear a badass kind of girl make such heavy bass-driven music. What are the particular challenges you find being a young woman in the male-dominated DJ/nightclub industry? How do you overcome those challenges?

KENZI SWAY: I am going to admit, I previously thought that gender had to do with a lot of my struggles. But I’ve realized something and I want to share it with you and other female producers who read this.  We have to quit using our gender as an excuse for the challenges we face in this industry. Is a cute girl in dubstep rare? Yes. Is it going to be a problem? That’s up to you as a producer. Step up to the plate, be unique and create quality tracks. If the music is right, then no one will question your gender.

A lot of our young readers dream about breaking into the DJ/production business but they get intimidated and don't know where to begin. Or, they get rejected at the beginning and then give-up. What are some words of advice you can give our viewers, especially those looking to break into the EDM business as a DJ/artist/producer?

KENZI SWAY: It’s so cliché, but the best advice I can give you is, do not give up. You have to want it enough to face all the rejection and criticism that comes with it. If sacrificing your free time, social life and life savings for music sounds miserable to you…..then this isn’t for you. But if you are like me and I’m sure tons of others who are psycho obsessed with music are, then those things are easy to give up! You have to be confident in your abilities and you are going to have to prove to everyone every single day that you deserve it.

Where can fans go to see you play?

KENZI SWAY: My next stop is NYC this Friday, August 2nd @ Schimanski in Brooklyn! I will be support for Holy Goof! There are more dates to be announced. Stay tuned because big things are coming…!


Your new track "Annihilate" is totally sick! How did you create this monster?

KENZI SWAY: “Annihilate,” and sort of like “Dooms Day,” both represent evolving artists trying to express themselves and trying to make their mark in this world. “Dooms Day” was my portal into producing. “Annihilate” is, "Now that I’ve got your attention, let me show you what I can do.” It’s a very aggressive track that I think speaks for itself

What can fans expect from your set this Friday at Schimanski Brooklyn?

KENZI SWAY: I’m really excited although I know Brooklyn is a base house sort of city, so I hear. I’m support for Holy Goof so I have to respect those fans of his and play some bass-house, but I’m really thankful to have the opportunity to put my own touch to it! Definitely, expect to hear some newly released Kenzi Sway tracks for sure.

We're totally in love with your weekly mixshow, "Beauty & The Bass"! How much work goes into programming that show each week? How do you go about making your track-selection each week? Hearing your mix makes us dance like crazy and radio shows in general are a great way for fans to learn the personality and style of each DJ.

KENZI SWAY: I honestly don’t plan out those sets. I play what I feel at the time. I play things I like, things that are hot right now, and I always incorporate my own music into those mixes. Those are meant to be fun and upbeat and hopefully get those listeners to come back for more! But I have to thank Jackd Up Radio and Dash Radio for giving me the opportunity to play for the world.


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