Kastle - Reflections Album Review

October 18, 2016 -

Josh Garrett

Over the last couple years Los Angeles based producer Kastle has released tons of music showcasing his unique blend of garage, hip hop, jungle, dubstep and so much more. His debut album in 2013 showcased how much diversity he has as an artist building on the sounds he had shared previously on his EP’s. Jump ahead to 2016 and he has his own record label, Symbols, and has played at many of the largest festivals around the world.

Kastle just released a new track album entitled Reflections, which provides an inside look into the world he has created artistically and refined over his career. Throughout 12 tracks we hear some incredibly distinct soundscapes accompanied by some killer percussion work creating one of the most unique albums to come out this year.


Toward The Interior opens the album with chopped up vocals and other worldly synths before the bass comes in and the track really finds its groove. Synth arpeggios and airy pads join into the previously created flurry of bass and vocals starting the album off with a bang but only giving us a minor taste of what is to come in the following tracks. One of the things I really like about this album is the incredible work with the vocals which can definitely be heard on the track The Future featuring MICHAELBRAILEY. At some moments the vocals are very clear but at some parts when the synth stabs come in they have effects on them making a very interesting texture to the track.

This album has a lot of different sounds such as the Jungle and Grime vibes you get from tracks like Surreal or Higher showcasing the heavier and harder side of Kastle. Other tracks incorporate some of the UK Garage style that you can hear on tracks like Way Too Deep or Holographic. While this album features so many different styles they all work together to create a sort of central theme throughout its entirety. Some of the tracks that showcase this have ended up being my favorites where he begins in one style but by the end of the song it transforms into something very different such as So Faded or Collide.

Reflections shows off what Kastle is capable of achieving as a producer and has many different styles to show throughout. I had the opportunity to catch one of his sets about a year ago and it proved to be extremely unique and definitely a different sound than I heard at the rest of the festival it was at. If you’re a fan of his music you certainly won’t be disappointed by this new album. If you haven’t heard of him before I encourage you to check this album out because I’m sure you’ll find something you like in here.

You can check out the album on your favorite media player here.

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