John Christian Launches Freeway Recordings with "Brothers"

November 16, 2015 -

Bradley J. Callison

The legendary John Christian is embarking on a new quest in his career. By investing in the future of music, one has the ability to have their legacy live on and also impact the world of music for generations to come. The iconic Dutch producer currently has over 2,000 releases under his belt including over 400 single hit records. While helping shape the image of dance music in Europe and across the globe, John is now helping shape the future of the industry with the launch of his own imprint, Freeway Recordings, as well as a brand new track featuring Eric Lumiere. The track has gained praise by the man himself, Tiesto on his radio show, "Tiësto's Club Life" on October 16th and is now available on Beatport. The track is progressive, emotional and downright massive. Time after time John Christian has shown his versatility and proves it yet once more. A bromance anthem of sorts, "Brothers" comes out at a moment when the world could use some unity. A beautiful production, Christian and Lumiere fit together perfectly.

Freeway Recordings exists as a platform for talented artists with a special vision. Focusing on multiple styles, Freeway's signature is quality and creativity. Freeway Recordings' mission is to give artists the complete freedom to create. It’s a "freeway" of bringing their message to the world. Consolidated artists currently suffering limitations due to business being conducted by major labels will have a new environment to obtain the freedom they deserve. Freeway Recordings' core value is believing in creativity. Supporting genuine ideas and good music is what Freeway is all about. Their focus and motivation is to not be honed into a handful of specific styles, but many. The message their artists' are trying to convey to their supporters is equally important. "We want to connect artists with the people that wants to listen to their music because they like or share their ideas." Startup artists are also more than welcome at Freeway Recordings. Freeway wants to give opportunities to artists no matter what stage they are in their careers or development. "We don’t need finished tracks to be directly released. We welcome good music ideas (compositions and songs), and we’ll help those artists, getting produced by John Christian and bring them to the world. We want to make their music dreams come true."


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