Jody Wisternoff: 90's Snares, Anjunadeep 07, & Way Out West

July 26, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

On July 10th, Jody Wisternoff blew the roof off of Bang Bang in San Diego's Gaslamp District during Comic Con weekend. The future-Japanese venue reels in talent that is well-versed in the deeper variety of house music, and I must say that Jody Wisternoff was an apt choice, despite the fact that he missed an excellent opportunity to cosplay as Game of Throne's Theon Greyjoy. Managing London's prestigious Anjunadeep label by day and touring the world by night, Jody employs an exemplary sense of balance; he is a living, mixing yin-yang. While managing and touring, he sets aside time to both produce music and mix the label's yearly mix compilations. Prior to his set, I was able to have a quick chat with Jody concerning new releases since his most recently released track "The Bridge," the status of the forthcoming Anjunadeep 07, as well as the core elements that comprise the Anjunadeep volumes:

Can you describe for us your sound in five words or less?

JW: Yeah, sure. Deep, warm, emotional... sexy?

AB: Hahaha, alright. I'm with it.

At what BPM does your heart beat?

JW: 120, it's got to be. Disco tempo.

What separates Anjunadeep from today's house music?

JW: It's better.

What makes it better?

JW: The fact that I'm A&R for it.

UNISON: Hahahaha.



What core elements go into your Anjunadeep volumes?

JW: Hmm. Pure love and an emotional overload.

And how do you determine if a certain track makes the cut?

JW: If about five of us really like it. It involves negotiation. If a track is almost there, then we'll tell the producer what to change or whatever. A lot of labels don't do this anymore - it's either a yes or a no. We're completely different, and that's a signature thing for us. We like to get involved with the producers.

AB: It's more family-oriented, and that is a better approach. It's simply being a true A&R.

JW: Yeah, definitely. And it's a forgotten art, if I reckon.




Can you let us in on any new tracks that you have been brewing?

JW: Yeah! I can't tell you the titles, because they're working titles. There's actually "The Bridge," which we released recently. But there's an exclusive edition for Anjunadeep 07 which I finished last week, and we'll be giving it the road test tonight. Going back to a 90's kind-of vibe. It's inner-city kind-of, with some raw 90's snares.

Why the 90's vibe?

JW: That's what I felt like on that day. The track has a certain sense of nostalgia anyway. Plus, there's a lot of new Way Out West stuff coming out, as well. So we'll see where that goes.



What message/emotion do you hope to transmit to your fans and listeners through your music?

JW: I'd rather have the music speak for itself, really. If I was a songwriter, then it would be a lot clearer. But I express myself through melody. Just f***ing dance, guys and girls!

AB: Just get up and dance, indeed.

If you could change anything in the world with the snap of a finger, what would it be and why?

JW: Relieve the withholding tax in America.


All-in-all, Jody's set was one of the best I have ever experienced. Be on the look-out for Jody Wisternoff; his shows are unmissable and inelastic. Also, give Anjunadeep 06 and "The Bridge" (provided below), a listen. Heaven awaits, and it is only a click away. So get up and dance.


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