Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge Partner with MEYA, a Music Meditation App Designed for Mental Health

July 6, 2021 -

Celeste Olvera

Techno tastemakers Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge dive into the world of meditation and mental health through their collaboration with the music and meditation platform MEYA. MEYA functions as an app meant to enhance moods, relaxation and garner connections with others in a shared space. Harnessing the connectivity that is felt during dance music events and concerts, MAYA reins in that vibe, creating specialty though a single entity by encompassing that unique energy into a quantifiable psychological and physiological method.

Music, similar to meditation has the ability to shift our state of minds into an awakened sense that uplifts souls, reduces stress, improves sleep and mends the brain. That similar state we get when we are lost in music takes us into a state of mind – a paradise that we easily ease into with no force. MEYA engages in music to sanction these sensations, intertwining this with meditation to make it easier and even more enjoyable.

Electronic dance music lovers know the abilities of the genre as its presence has the ability to elevate, create connections and devise emotions that propagate elation and comfort. MEYA adopts specific sound frequencies and rhythmic arrangements in meditation practices to trigger similar peak moments that Jamie and Burridge are profoundly recognized for.

Jamie Jones’ first exclusive MEYA production ‘Choice’ introduces electronic music lovers and meditation devotees to a new Music Mind Journey. Enhanced by vocal guidance similar to meditation, listeners are greeted with delicate piano and beautiful synths that allow you to tune into the present moment and sit with yourself in a wave of calmness. Deep breaths are guided throughout as words of compassion and self-love empower listeners to embrace themselves to their highest power.

What I like about MEYA is that I’ve always found the different frequencies that are used to record music very interesting. I came across 432 a few years before I discovered the MEYA app. I was really intrigued to find out whether your body did feel differently listening to music tuned to this frequency,” Jamie Jones stated, speaking about the MEYA platform. “I noticed I only had to meditate for half as long to get the same feeling. I felt that the combination of mediation and the sounds available made it much easier and more effective in a shorter period of time. I was gaining the same benefits in half the amount of meditation time. In my opinion, it definitely feels like you get more out of it without having to be as advanced or meditate for as long.”

Lee Burridge’s remix of ‘Float On’ from his 2019 collaborative album ‘Melt' on Lost Desert truly melts listeners into the melodic heaven that Burridge specializes in. Fostering harmonies similar to the depths that ‘All Day I Dream’ champions, a special remix is included in the MEYA app allowing users to dive into perspectives that lead to awakenings, altering minds from a cold prison to a fruitful utopia.

After clubs and festivals have been impacted globally by the pandemic and as normalcy makes its way, MEYA and artists believe that this has never been a more perfect time to unify the power of music and it’s psychological and physiological benefits. MEYA hopes to also serve music industry professionals with high stresses and anxieties to overcome their demanding roles.

In MEYA founder Raffael Ricci’s own words, “Our aim is to make meditation as easy and enjoyable as listening to a song and extend “beyond meditation” by sharing practices and insights to help unleash the inner power that we all have inside. Our mission is to help our users achieve an empowered and awakened mindset, equipping them with the tools to transform any life challenge into an opportunity. We are very excited to have Lee and Jamie on board, sharing the same vision to create electronic music to help mental and spiritual well-being. Unlike other mental health apps, we don’t pretend to be a happiness pill that can resolve all of life’s problems in a few weeks. Instead, we aim to facilitate a long-term mindset shift in users, whereby happiness is a consequence of your internal transformation as opposed to temporary relief.”

MEYA aims to give power to their users to train everyday to relieve anxiety and other worries that may be distracting or worrisome with the help of melodic music content.

Download MEYA today.

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