Jaison's Beats & Eats 002

January 28, 2014 -


I hope y'all are hungry, cause it's just about time for a second helping for Beats & Eats, where the world of hip-hop crosses paths with the culinary world. Aight, let's dig in to business. I can do all this corny food pun shit all day. This week I got a little something more recent comin' your way, and it's most definitely an appetizing selection:

Danny Brown's Old
Old is rapper Danny Brown's third and most recent studio album released late into 2013. If there's anything that is trademark thematically and stylistically about the dude's flow, it's duality. Danny is constantly bouncing back and forth between two different voices; it's not unheard of to be listening to one track, say Red 2 Go, and be completely surprised it's the same Danny in a song like Lonely. Somehow Danny has a knack for finding that sweet spot between personal storytelling and high energy turn-up songs. Mad respect for the amount of diversity he brings to the game, drawing from both more traditional hip-hop to more electronic influences. I've been bumping Old for a while now, and it's kinda funny; it still hasn't gotten old yet. This begs the question: what is Old's equivalent in cuisine?

fine-799Sour Patch Kids
Yes. You heard right. Danny Brown is none other than rap game sour patch kids. While not a main entree (that's not a diss to you at all Danny) just like the shit the dude is putting out, everyone's favorite sour-then-sweet candy is all about duality. Sour patch kids straddle that fine line between sour and sweet; two sides of the same coin but addicting all the same. Furthermore, Danny Brown's energetic, high-octane can be perfectly described as something slightly reminiscent of a sugar high. Just a few tracks off Old and a couple of these and you'll be bouncing off walls in no time.


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