Is EDM Media Really Failing The Scene? [Opinion]

September 22, 2015 -

Fadi AbuZaineh

There has been an editorial from circulating around social media lately that has seemed to garner a lot of attention. In this article, the editor in chief basically pointed out what's wrong with EDM media. The big blogs are catering to artist PR companies, useless information is being shared, and there's an inherent lack of real journalism. Although this is something that most devoted fans and bloggers of the scene have known for quite some time, I would not go so far as to say all of EDM media is failing us. Primarily because it is specifically, Your EDM, and Dancing Astronaut that are guilty of this, as stated in said editorial.

We have all witnessed how fast an article regarding the latest acts of trolling by deadmau5 gets spread, as well as whatever new beef emerges between so and so artists. Clickbait tactics are still used to this day as well, especially on Facebook. Tagging big artists in a post with a link to a short article saying exactly what you think it would has become routine. The only way I see this possibly working is for the people skimming through their Facebook timeline on their phone, seeing a semi-interesting headline, checking it out for maybe 30 seconds max and then going back to scrolling through the hot mess that Facebook has become. But hey, anything to get hits on the article, right?

I am not calling anyone out, but if a blog of that size is going to make a post like that explaining what a lot of devoted fans of the scene feel already, they should at least use the power they have to make a change instead of continue with their so-called "failing" tactics. There are several blogs that actually provide genuinely good content that never get the time of day on social media. What about articles regarding up and coming artists, or a brilliantly written opinion piece about a subject that requires a little more research from the reader? As writers, we have a responsibility to be the best we can be when it comes to the content we publish. Is what we're posting relevant, forward thinking, and fulfilling? We have all had moments where we just needed to push an article out for whatever reason, but if the inspiration was not there, the article was just an empty read. On the other end, it gets pretty frustrating when you pour your heart out on a post about something you're genuinely interested in only for it to get no love. But that's just how it goes sometimes.

Even readers and fans have to have a little more responsibility when it comes to checking out their favorite blogs. Look at it this way: don't you feel much more accomplished if you read and learned about a broad subject or artist you were previously unaware of, rather than what is going on in the personal lives of artists and figures that you've been following for quite some time? If you are as into the music as you think you are, you should take pride in your taste and strive to expand it. Isn't that why you follow blogs? I personally don't like it when I see the same mainstream artists cycling around my news feed. Even if I see a post about a particular genre I don't listen to, I would much rather read that over whatever is going on with Jack Ü.

Forget what everyone else is into, find what you like and let it guide you. It's much more worth it in the long run, I promise.

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