Interview with Danny Avila and Deniz Koyu at Ruby Skye

December 25, 2012 -

Daily Beat Staff

I sat down this Friday night with two of the hottest new DJ's this up and coming year. Danny Avila and Deniz Koyu are two very exciting DJ's coming out of Europe. I got a chance to sit down with them for a few minutes before there show, to talk about their current situations and how they are both adapting to life as big name DJ. Both artists were a little late due to transportation issues, but took a couple minutes before running on stage to answer a couple questions.

Danny Avila is a very young artist who started his professional DJ career at the age of 14. He is now 17 years old and traveling the world doing the thing that he loves most, which is produce music.

How do you adjust to playing shows in different countries?

I personally think that I have my own style, my own way of playing. I do not actually change my style because if change my style when I’m playing in different countries or bigger venues, I want my fans to hear my style, so I don’t really change.

Where do you see the electronic music scene going in the next year?

To be honest, its hard to tell, there are so many different music styles that are becoming popular. Like dubstep now is obviously really popular and there are more things like trap music that is coming out that is getting a lot bigger and I think we should reward these new styles. But as far as the next year goes, electronic music will get much, much bigger.

Where was your favorite show so far?

That’s a really tough question, if I was to pick what my most memorable show was I would have to say the Ministry of Sound, I have opened up for bigger shows but this one was crazy and I had so much fun. But also you can’t beat playing at EDC, both Puerto Rico and Orlando were both amazing.

How has your Spanish background influenced your style of music?

To be honest, it didn’t really affect me at all. This very moment in Spain isn’t a very good time for electronic music. I didn’t want to play in Spain at all, I just wanted to play Ibiza and then travel the rest of the countries.

Asks Chase Furst - What are your plans to a following for “Breaking your fall”?

There are going to be huge breakthroughs in music that I’ll be producing soon, honestly I can’t say too much right now. But as far as a following to Breaking Your Fall, there will be a track out shortly that isn’t exactly a following to breaking your fall but it will be really good.

I caught Deniz Kuyo right before he went on stage. He seemed very calm and collected but due to his flight being delayed, he was almost rushed out of the room before I could finish.

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Describe what the last few years of being in this industry has been like.

Fast, very fast. Basically, i was really working hard for many years learning how to produce and getting to a professional level and then last year in the summer was really my moment and my breakthrough moment, and from then on its been really fast, really hectic, but really fun.

I know you played piano as a child, what inspired the change to EDM?

I didn't really change, Actually it was more like my parents forced me to sit in front of the piano. I was always saying hey i want to play the key board, i want to play electronic instruments, i was saying that since i was 8 years old, but my parents wanted me to be able to play classical instruments, now am really happy about that, but when i was young i didn't understand.

What is the most exciting part of your career so far?

Thee is not one moment that is the most exciting moment its just the whole thing that's the best thing, its just been building up and up and I've been working hard. It's actually the process of growing which is really exciting.

When you’re not surrounded by music, what do you do with your free time?

Hahaha, making music. There is no real free time, i think i have not had a real vacation for two years.

Danny Avila on Facebook | Danny Avila on Twitter | Danny Avila on SoundCloud

Deniz Koyu on Facebook | Deniz Koyu on Twitter | Deniz Koyu on SoundCloud


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