Interview with Christian Clark, of San Diego's Neveready

December 4, 2012 -

Daily Beat Staff

Christian Clark is the guitarist and lead singer of the San Diego band, Neveready. He sat down with The Daily Beat this weekend to talk a little bit about the band, college, and the influence of San Diego.

Daily Beat: So tell me a little bit about your band, Neveready.

Christian Clark:  So essentially it got started in high school, I just decided one day I wanted to start a band. It was mainly because I had all of these song ideas that would pop into my head throughout the day, which just gave me this huge desire to start a band in order to see those ideas through. So I just went ot some friends of mine and asked if they wanted to play some music, and that’s where it started. I didn’t even really play guitar at that point, but just sort of picked it up because I thought we needed a guitarist. And so we just went from there. Our style is basically an amalgam of different things we all like. It’s all very high energy, but at the same time it’s music that conveys a message. Its basically myself, one of the saxophone players, and the drummer who write all of our music, and so the style is just whatever we think sounds good.

 DB: And you guys are from San Diego, so how has that influenced you?

CC: Yeah so, as far as San Diego is concerned, it’s been a big influence on us, especially the specific music scene down there. There have been a lot of awesome bands coming out of there, like Blink 182 and Rocked From the Crypt. Rocked From the Crypt in particular is a huge influence, their one of our music idols.

 DB: Has it been hard to stay together as a band and keep working on your music when you’re all in college?

CC: It’s definitely difficult, but even though we’re all at different schools we’re all writing our own music and are really committed to the band. It’s almost like a long distance relationship sometimes. But college is really a matter of practicality at this point; we haven’t gotten to the point where we can put college on hold and just play music. We’re basically in this in-between stage where we’ve had a modest amount of success and gotten some great feedback, but we’re not sure whether or not we can take that next step fully into the music world at this point. Everyone has little side things that they’re doing now at school, but there’s definitely a mutual understanding that this is our main project. We’re all very committed to Neveready.

 DB: So do you have any upcoming projects or shows that you want to tell readers about? 

CC: Yeah, so over this winter break we’re going to have five weeks where we’re all in San Diego and can all work on some music and do some shows. Basically what happened with us is that we released our first album in high school, and at this point we all feel like it’s ok, but we’re not super excited about it anymore. People like the songs on it, but we’ve definitely matured and developed and improved since then. So for now we’re just very excited about putting out new music that we’re really proud of. We’re also on this really cool compilation CD that’s a charity project for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. A lot of really cool bands have been on this album in the past, so we’re really stoked about that.

 DB: Great, well is there anything else you want to talk about? Any important or specific band memories?

CC: Well I would definitely say the most important part of us as a band is the fact that we were lucky enough to have this guy named Willy as a part of our lives. We’d known him forever, he was one of our best friends, and unfortunately he passed away in a big firework accident over the summer. So one of the best experiences we had as a band was the opportunity to play at his funeral; we played ‘When The Saints Go Marching In,’ and now we finish all of our shows with that song in tribute of him. He was actually the first person to introduce us to the portable generator, which has been huge for us. For a while we were getting really frustrated with a lot of the venues down in San Diego because we’d be forced to sell lots of presale tickets in order to play. So Willy had the idea of buying us a portable generator, which allowed us to just set up on the sidewalk and play wherever we want. We started doing that on the boardwalk in San Diego, and soon the lifeguards and the police officers got to know us and recognize us. We’ve been able to be ingrained in the community down there, which is awesome. And since Willy, in addition to being one of our best friends, really started that for us, playing at his funeral was an incredible experience.

 DB: That’s awesome. So, just to finish up, where can Daily Beat readers find Neveready?

CC: We don’t have a website, but we’re on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Our Facebook is It’s all one word, with one “r.”

DB: Great, well thank you so much!

Thanks so much to Christian Clark, and all of Neveready! Check them out online, or at shows in San Diego this winter.


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