Interview: Matias Aldana Talks Changing Times, His Future In Music, & More

March 15, 2021 -

Justin Angle

Matias Aldana has been on a positive streak through a turbulent year, which is a hard feat to accomplish. Pushing forward and breaking-through mental barriers, the electronic musician shares a house focus that is introverted and distinct. Smooth rhythms and an entrancing vibes start to express the quality level in "Earth in Tears," signed to new Mexico-based label Motivant Records.

In 2020, Matias broke more ground with tracks signed to Motivant Records and Industrial Techno United, proving that he's onto something when it comes to finding his flow. In 2021 with 1 label signing under him already, we got to chat with Matias, his experiences, and future.

What inspired you to take on an electronic music career, Matias?
Since I was very little I have listened to a lot of music, it was what caught my attention the most about anything, and in part it was thanks to my mother, she is an architect and when I was a child I saw her make plans and all her work processes and always I listened to house and deep house music, so it is music that has accompanied me from a very very young age, but in itself I consider myself very melomaniac, I love all kinds of music, from rock, metal, hip hop, as a good Latin man who I am I love salsa, reggaeton, etc. But what I most loved to listen to was electronic music, I could spend hours in my room looking for electronic music from all kinds, I think I have listened to so many electronic music genres that I lose count. At school I was not the worst but I was not the best student, but something I always excelled at was in music classes, since since I was very little my parents have taught me to play the piano, I am a super imperative person and I The percussion and drums attracted a lot of attention, I know how to play the flute, the bass, the clarinet and I was always in all the bands of my school and I had in my childhood there a total of 3 bands (which were a failure haha). But always what I felt best doing was music and especially electronic music, I remember very well the first time I went to a techno party and I loved everything: the artists, the performance, the sound systems, the audiovisual systems, etc. I felt a great need to be behind all that organization, to be a DJ, to play my music in front of many people and to spend hours locked in a studio making music and to have that much dreamed of "rockstar" life haha. Today I keep learning something new every day of my life every time I make a track, every time I am in a presentation I record my sessions to correct the mistakes I make in each one, not to mention the productions, I am too demanding With myself in order to make sure that I am making music because it comes from my soul and I don't get music to get out, I like that each track I do is a collector's item. Now music has become my life and I love it

What are the main influences to the sound you focus on today?
It has been a bit of a strange mix and my friends who know me tell me so but it has managed to achieve the sound that finally identifies me and more fulfills me when producing. I would define my genre as Trance techno or Neo Trance, I also love Progressive Techno, they are the genres that I listen to the most but I am more inclined to techno, I love the energy that progressive house and progressive techno have, I love melodies and personally I am very consumer of artists such as: KAS: ST, Recondite, Mind Against, Stan Kolev and other artists of the genre, but I am very fond of heavy techno and high BPM's, I listen a lot to artists like Jeroen Search, Cleric, Ben Sims, Jeff Mills, etc. and I wanted to achieve a combination of those genres that I love so much, so I got to know the techno and neo trance trance thanks to some local producer friends and it was exactly what I was looking for, melodies, moments of melancholy but at the same time moments of euphoria and energy and highs. BPM's, and it's what I produce today, so I would define myself as a producer of Trance Techno, Neo Trance, Techno and Progressive Techno. It all depends on the mood I am in, but always giving it my essence.

Is it easy for you to make a track or do you have ways to inspire the creative energy?
It depends on the situation, the state of mind comes into play, depending on the motivation it makes good tracks come out as there are tracks that sound horrible because of bad motivation haha. But personally I spend it listening to music that I like, it is a way of motivating myself and it is very effective, every time I listen to a track that I like, an idea comes to my head to make a track and that's when I I immediately start producing, trying to achieve a sound that meets the level, I like to imagine myself with the greatest thanks to the music I make, I consume a lot of music that is commercial as well as non-commercial, let's say I combine those factors of the underground at the most listened to, they make one as a producer evolve a lot aurally and in that way put creativity to work, imagining how an acapella of a rock song from the 90's would sound with a drop in a techno song with a couple of built-in effects and a couple of synthesizers can create something completely different but that sounds great and very original. In short, listening to a lot of music helps inspire me.

What defines success for you?
Success for me is being happy with what one does and being able to live from it, nothing better than having that job stability and tranquility of being able to live at ease and at the same time spend time working on what one loves I think not It has a price, it is not necessarily having a lot of money, I think that comes with time as a result of a reward that life gives you for doing things well. There are people who have a lot of money but have a job that they hate, therefore they are not happy, and people believe that money gives happiness and it may sound very cliche but it is the truth, I believe that a person is successful when they have The life he wants, and does what makes him happy and what makes him happy allows him to live as he likes, especially the issue of tranquility, I believe that tranquility is priceless.

Do you have your releases or signed label releases you are set to drop in coming months?
I have a couple of releases planned, on local labels in my country as well as on international labels together with great artists and I'm very excited about that, I'm producing a lot of music and I'll just tell you to be very aware because I have productions that I dedicate a lot on the way. time to achieve this result and I hope that those who listen to me are at ease.

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