Lauren Lane talks influences and why EDC NY is special to her

May 24, 2016 -

Ashlyn Fulton

When the opportunity arose to interview Lauren Lane at Electric Daisy Carnival New York, I jumped at the chance. As a Nap Girl I think it is important to showcase powerful women DJ/producers in the industry especially ones like Lauren. She's been traveling the world playing along side big names such as Eric Morillo and Pete Tong and it all started right here in New York City.

On Sunday, May 15, she was given the chance to play this major festival right in her own backyard. I got the chance to sit down with her during the Insomniac madness and find out her influences along with what's next to come.


You played earlier today. How was it out there?

It was really good. The stage filled up quickly. Kids definitely like the techno but they wanted to rave. I played early and I’ve been a DJ for awhile so I always like to warm things up but I feel like everyone definitely wanted to rave.

What is special about EDC NY to you?

I think it’s cool that they bring this experience to New York because a lot of New Yorkers grew up going to clubs and smaller venues so being able to come to this stadium and outdoor experience is really nice.

Are you from NY?

I am from Philly but I moved to NY when I was 18. So I grew up as a DJ here. When I first started DJing there was nothing like this happening. To see where the scene has come and how many people love electronic music, it’s grown so much.

lauren lane


Describe your vibe in 5 words or less.

Weird. Funky. Groovy. Melodic. Happy

If you could pick any 2 artists to be your parents, who would they be and why?

Okay… Jimi Hendrix and Audrey Hepburn. How cool would it be to have the most crazy rock star, visionary eclectic, out-of-the-box, innovator, Jimi Hendrix and Audrey Hepburn, woman of class, iconic and beautiful, humanitarian.

What/who are some of your earlier influences and what/who are some you picked up along the way?

My earliest influence…this weird CD mix tape came my way… was Bad Boy Bill and Richard Humpty Vission House Connection 2. It was like a crazy diary, montage of classic house music. They’d play 30-second clips of songs and mix them in with house. It was like retrospective/what they felt was relevant at the time. And with me coming into it, it gave me a crash course in house music. Then I discovered Danny Tenaglia when I moved to New York City. He does everything from disco to techno to deep house to everything, so that was great.

Along the way people have definitely influenced me. There are super underground obscure producers that have influenced me but there are also very main stream names that have influenced me. So I don’t want to call any one person out but I just want to say that even in a main stream motion picture, inspiration can find you in the weirdest way. Because something inspires you or leaves a little piece of itself with you, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to copy it, but the essence stays with you. The vibe that people create. Not necessarily the music but like I am very inspired by environments and actual places that I DJ. I’m not going to play the same set that I play on a beach that I play at an after hours club. I don’t play the same set. I have such a variety of music that I like.

What’s the coolest place you’ve played?

There are a lot. So, Brazil. Its just magical. I just played at Snowbombing in Austria and I had to take a taxi, a gondola, a weird lift where I had to stand on a moving walkway on a ski slope and a snow mobile to get to where I was DJing so that was really cool.

What is one track that you’re proud of that people might not know about?

Well this track came out on No. 19 “Was in love” featuring JAW. It’s a special track to me. It has a lot of emotion to it. I think it can really speak to some people that are going through a break up or a hard time, or just captivated by a person they can’t connect with. I think it just got lost in the shuffle because it was on a compilation.

What's coming up for you?

But I have some new tracks coming out that are equally fun. I have an EP coming up on 20/20 Vision also a track featuring JAW called “Edge of Sideways.” We wrote it after a night of fun. That day we got tattoos - one which was planned, one which was not planned. It’s my dogs name. My dog is super important to me so I got her name tattooed.

And then another EP on Saved, one track called “One Two Three Four.” The other one is untitled but its inspired by this women who is deaf but taught herself to play percussion. There is a really amazing TED talk on it if you want to check it out:, her name is Evelyn Glennie. If you listen to her TED talk you will be very inspired.


Photos by Freedom Film LLC for Insomniac Events.


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